How to submit a support ticket at your ad agency software

Whenever you have a technical question that needs answering, you want that answer as fast as possible, right? If you need to get a timely response from your ad agency software support technician, there are a few things you can do as a customer to speed up the process:

What are you experiencing?

How you begin to explain your issue can make or break your support ticket.  It’s important to give detailed information, but be brief about it. Use bullet points to describe your issue if possible.

What have you tried?

When describing your issue, let the tech team know what variations you’ve tried.
What browsers have you tried (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)?
And what versions? (IE6, IE7, IE8)
What did you experience with each browser?
Which operating system you are using?
Can you reproduce the error on a separate computer?
If any error messages appear on screen, state what the error message was.
Include screenshots.
Did the error occur only once, consistently over a period of time, or only when you do a certain thing?
Describe how to reproduce the problem. If we can reproduce the problem then it makes things much simpler.

Is this a new issue?

When describing your issue, let them know if this is something new.  This is not to give your issue higher preference, but it will give the tech something to research.  Were any mod security rules recently changed? Did any software recently get upgraded?  Did any hardware recently get replaced?

Please remember that we can only work with the information you provide.

Support technicians get many requests during the course of the day, often at the same time, with varying levels of urgency, and these requests take time to resolve. If a request cannot be resolved immediately, then it will be assigned an appropriate priority level based on the type of problem to be resolved as soon as possible.

Next time you have questions about your workflow management software please keep these items in mind and your question will be properly answered. If you use Function Point , use our support site for submitting new requests at

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