How to Stay Productive on the Go at your Advertising Agency

These days everyone has a smart phone, as well as a computer at work, and another at home. One of the biggest difficulties can be moving data and files between all the devices we use on a daily basis. But there are better ways to keep in sync than to manually transfer notes from one to another.

There are many apps available to do this and increase your productivity at your creative agency, but the following are the tools that I use on a daily basis to move between my computer at work, my laptop at home, and my iPad. My two favourite tools have both a web-based and downloadable app interfaces–meaning that you don’t necessarily need an internet connection to get at your information.

Dropbox is cloud storage for files that allows you to put an app on your computer that acts like any other documents folder. Just drag and drop a file in and it is synced to the cloud. Open your other computer and it will automatically download it for you. For your mobile devices, you can cache documents, pdfs and pictures for quick reference. I have used this for many reasons, but one of them is knitting patterns–it saves paper and once it’s cached I don’t have to have internet to view it. Or you can add a pdf to Dropbox and open it in another app for reading.

Another great app is Evernote, which also is both an app and a web based service. Evernote allows rich text notes, with pictures and attached files. It’s a great way to keep track of that link you don’t want to forget, without having to email it to yourself. Notes can also be cached on mobile devices so that the grocery list you made on your computer is now available on your phone.

There are many options beyond what I have here–especially if you have an internet connection all the time–but these are the ones that have been most useful for me in my everyday life.

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