How to Show That You Care About Your Client

Clients may drive us all up the occasional wall, but without them, we’d all be out of work. And it’s important to not just view clients as a source of income (or pain) but be a partner to their success,  and in turn, your own.

10 Ways to Show Them You Care

1. Make it fun to do business with you – if your staff love what they’re doing, your business will be a happy place, and clients can then tell you want to work with them. Keep in mind that clients aren’t necessarily buying what you’re selling, they’re buying an experience.

2. Have it be the company intention to be of service – make a difference in the lives of your clients, and be fulfilled by it. Focus your thinking on what you need to give them, rather than what you need to get from them.

3. Ask yourself, your team, your company, how they want to leave the clients feeling – informed, understood, entertained, something else? Make that desired end result be the intention with which you go into any encounter with the clients.

4. Ask your client questions – even something as simple as asking how they are – and truly care about the answer. People can hear sincerity, or lack thereof, a mile off, so make sure you’re genuinely interested in the response, and ask them anything. Give clients the opportunity to get to know you a bit better too!

5. Be generous with your time to your clients. Be driven by your passion to be in service to them, and not the survival of your business. And be present during client contact, be in that moment – you’ll then be mentally available to hear what the client needs.

6. Be authentic about your shortcomings. Being straight with your clients, will appreciated more than being slick and slippery with them.

7. Be willing to try things, possibly fail and possibly win. Thinking differently will allow you to differentiate from your competitors and there are lots of fun ideas that cost little or no money.

8. Refresh, revise and revisit your approach often. Just because something is working, does not mean there’s no room for improvement. Keep things fresh and clever, to keep the attention of your clients.

Although perhaps not all clients, or all client experiences can be excellent, implementing just one of these ideas, could surely increase the odds. Please share your thoughts with us!

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