How to promote collaboration in your creative agency?

In the current business world where innovation and creativity play an important role in revenue growth, collaboration is key to your team achieving its goals by increasing productivity.

Collaboration is even more important if you are working in an advertising, design or communication agency, which values teamwork and the integration of different ideas to come up with a product that stands out. However, to promote collaboration in your workplace, it is important to pay attention to two factors: human and technical.

1.) Human factor:

Collaboration is very close to your culture, principles, and mission. To promote collaboration, you have to first be open with and trust your team. Ensuring you are clear, honest and consistent with your communications, then people will be more comfortable and understand how they can better collaborate with you. Informal talks or ‘huddles’ are examples of how to bring opportunities to team members for sharing their ideas, concerns, and insights. Finally, it is important to acknowledge contributions to the collaborative process, recognizing and promoting their work can stimulate others to do the same.

2.) Technical:

A tool that allows your team to share files and collaborate on proofs both internally and externally with your clients makes the workflow smoother and faster. Using a collaborative software can also organize and make accessible all kinds of information related to your jobs or projects, gathering everything in one place and supporting collaboration from the technical side of the team.

Among the advantages that collaboration can bring to your workplace is to pushing your team towards a common goal.  Moreover, the collaboration will help you save time by making information flow quickly and also allowing you to create a more complete set of skills by aggregating knowledge from the whole group, thus increasing productivity.

Function Point Productivity Software offers the tools you need help you share information with both your staff and clients (with our Portal). If you want to know more about what we can do to help, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to show what fp. can do for you.


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