How to Hire and Retain the Best People for Your Ad Agency

For any small/mid size agency to succeed and continue to grow, it is essential to create a productive environment within the office. A significant part of this process is staffing, ensuring that employees are efficient and supportive.

In this blog post I will discuss what to look for to ensure that the next person you hire to join your agency is a perfect fit. There are a few things you would want to consider when looking at hiring and retaining the best people for your small/mid size agency:

  • Will they fit in with the rest of the team?
  • Do they have similar goals that meet your agency goals?
  • Are they a person to jump from one company to the next, or are they loyal?
  • Are they reliable and punctual?

While professional and educational qualifications are obvious criteria during hiring. Ensuring that the new person fits in with the rest of the team is an important aspect. You can have the most qualified person but if they are not able to get along with co-workers and keep with the norms of that culture, they simply will not be a fit. This can cause disruptions leading employees to leave or even the person you just hired.

Looking at personal goals is very important as well. If a potential employee is a person who looks to achieve the most out of their life and has goals to get to the next level than that is a person you want on your team. Commitment towards goals is a strong indicator that a candidate has a strong will to achieve.

Their resume will give you a hint of their loyalty towards any agency they work for. Asking questions like; why did you leave your last job and what have you been doing in between jobs will give you a sense of how loyal they are to a company they are happy with. The last thing anybody wants is to hire a new person and put in the resources to train, only to have them leave shortly after.

The last thing you really want to look at is how reliable and punctual they are. This information will come from their references. However, you usually can gauge this information by putting them on the spot and just blatantly asking them how punctual they are. The answer you get will most likely always be “very” or “yes” – but you can usually tell how honest a person is and if you trust them or not.

Now that we have hired the best people for our agency, how to retain them and ensure that we have long-term employees?

There are a few different things that an agency can do to ensure that the employees are satisfied. Of course income, but that is in a make belief world. Realistically there is a lot more than money to ensure that your employees are satisfied with their job. Doing things like:

  • Contests
  • Staff trips
  • Treat day or Free lunches
  • No micro managing 
  • Trust

These are just a few things that an agency can do to ensure that they are able to retain their employees and keep them happy. Contests and staff trips are always a great idea to help motivate and keep the family close. Anything that keeps the agency together and having a good time will only be a positive on the overall culture within the office.Have fun with your team! Create a contest or organize a Scavenger Hunt and award prizes to the winners!

Offering something like treat day or lunches to employees gives them a few minutes to mingle with each other during work hours as they indulge in something yummy to eat. Again keeping that positive vibe going throughout the office keeps everyone smiling and happy.Function Point team loves treat day. We also like to try trendy treats, for example cronuts!

I feel that an office that does not micro manage usually has much happier and content employees as they feel that their efforts are being seen and that the trust is there to ensure that work gets done in a timely fashion.

Doing these things will not only ensure you hire the best people to join your agency but will also ensure that these people will stay in your agency and help it grow to get to the next level. So when looking to hire a new person to ensure they meet not only your needs but the entire teams needs as well.

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