How to get the most out of work planning view

Are you a Traffic or Project Manager looking to see what’s on your and your team’s plate for the near future? Then you’ll want to check out our Work Planning View, available under the Tasks menu on your main FP navigation bar. 

This article will review what information you can see in this view of your workload.  

Who Can Access the Work Planning View?  

You can manage which staff users are able to see the Work Planning View via their permission settings within the Tasks menu. Turn on/ off both the Resource view and Work Planning view with the Task | Resources Link permission. 

How Do I Access the Work Planning View?  

Access this view via the Tasks module on the main navigation bar. At the bottom of that list, choose Work Planning View.

What Does the Work Planning View Show Me?  

This short-term forecasting view displays a variety of pertinent information including: 

  1. A display as of today’s date plus the next 30 days 
  1. Active staff organized by their Role  
  1. Tasks that are Assigned or In Progress status appear in blue. Tasks in Draft status appear in purple 
  1. View workload by role and individual as to what portion of their day (in hours) is taken up by currently assigned Tasks. 
  1. If a Task or series of Tasks total up to the number of available hours for the staff person, it will highlight orange. If the total exceeds the number of available hours for the staff person, it will highlight in red. 

A glance a what information you can gather from using the Work Planning View: 

  • Look for individual team members or Roles that have hours highlighted in red or orange to quickly identify overburdened team members or work at risk of not being completed by their deadline 
  • Scan the rounded numbers within the Work Planning View to identify team members with more or less average available time 
  • Use the top rows to see the exact amounts of available time per role or person 

At present, this page is view-only, but hovering over a Task will present a pop-up displaying more details about that Task.

Work Planning View vs. Resource Allocation View

If you currently use the Resource Allocation view, you may be wondering what the difference is between the two views. Depending on which view you use, you will gain a different understanding of your workload and your team’s workload. Please refer to the table above for the key differences between these views in the system. 

Feedback Welcome  

We would really like to hear your thoughts and feedback on this new view, as it will help us decide our next steps. Please share your feedback with us via email: 

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