How to Communicate the Value of Project Management Software

Ask someone on the street why they use agency project management software and you’ll get answers ranging from “it’s great for reports,” to “time tracking has never been easier” to “I don’t use it, it’s completely useless.”

You may have an idea of the value of project management software for your team and for yourself, but communicating that value to different people with different opinions is not always easy. Below I break down how you can show that workflow management software has a place with everyone in your creative agency.

If You’re the Boss:

Jordan doesn’t want to use project management software. She wants to create beautiful designs, not timesheets, and she’s afraid if she told the truth about her time, you’d fire her.

The fact is that you know the software will take your business from good to great. How can you get Jordan onboard?

1. Practice What You Preach

In my experience with creative agencies, I’ve noticed a clear difference in the success of companies where the principals track their time. You won’t just get better data about the value of work vs. what you charge. You’ll also manage your own tasks more effectively, get more done, and have a clearer sense of where you should direct your focus. Best of all, you can credibly share with your team about the benefits you’re getting. They’ll worry less you’re trying to play “Big Brother” and think more about what’s in it for them.

2. So, What’s In It For Jordan?

Like you, Jordan can get her priorities in order and buckle down on the important stuff. Instead of disrupting her concentration for status updates, you’ll log into the software. She can start going to yoga again because you’ll create better estimates and timelines. When she knows her deadlines are realistic, she’ll be able to relax and let her brilliance flow, and the quality of her work will skyrocket.

3. Be Transparent

Your software should have reports that’ll show your numbers improving as you do a better job tracking and managing work. Share them! Use them as a framework for settings goals for the business, and keep everyone up to date about how you’re progressing. When Jordan sees evidence of the impact her timesheets have on everyone else, she’ll stop thinking of agency project management software as her enemy and see it as a friend.

If You’re Not the Boss:

Jim doesn’t think he can afford the license fees for agency workflow management software. He likes using Microsoft Excel, and he thinks everyone else should like it too.

If you’re an employee tired of dealing with miscommunication, inadequate resources and team burnout, how can you help Jim understand implementing agency project management software will make his company more productive, profitable, and fun?

1. Be Honest

We all want everyone to think we’ve got things under control even when we don’t. Maybe you’re afraid he’ll think you’re incompetent if you spill the beans about what’s really going on.

But here’s a secret: if you’re straightforward about what you can and can’t manage, you’re more likely to inspire trust than ridicule. When we’re open with other people, they’re more open with us.

2. Book a Demo

Once he understands your dilemma, Jim’s more likely to make time for a demo with a productivity software company. He’ll see how an all-in-one system can supercharge his business.

3. Share Case Studies

Lots of agencies have shared what implementing productivity software has done for them. Check out the case studies that will show your boss how workflow management software can scale with your creative agency as it grows.

The Bottom Line

No matter what your role is in a creative agency, implementing workflow management software is a win-win situation. If you’re clear about your problems, committed to setting an example, and compassionate about your colleagues’ concerns, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.

This article was contributed by former Function Point team member, Amanda Truscott.

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