How To Be A Successful Project Management Software Customer

“It takes two to tango” was one of my mother’s favourite comebacks whenever I complained about slights I suffered at the hands of my older sister. Although at the time I had no idea what dancing had to do with the fact my dear sibling had cut my Barbie’s hair off (again), as a grown-up, I get what Mom was saying.

Relationships are two-way; perhaps not always even, but never entirely one-sided. So maybe now you’re wondering what this conversation has to do with agency project management software. [And if you’re reading this thinking – hey, wait – my significant other and I have a totally one-sided relationship, it may be time to move onwards (and upwards)].

Here at FP headquarters, in every department, we know we’re nowhere without our customers. All of us strive to make your experience a valuable and positive one – from the sign-up, to support, and with the product itself. But even with all our magical software powers and great intentions, we can only do so much. So what we want to acknowledge is that we also look to you to share in the goal of your success, and encourage you to take a few (painless) dance steps to get the tango going.

1.  Take A Moment To Skim Through The Newsletter

Each month we put together a brief summary of important changes happening, upcoming events, and even a dash of fun. We truly want to be partners in your success, and keeping you in the loop is an important piece of that. We also want to share our culture with you, and give you an opportunity to share in our news, events and community efforts.

2. Drop In For A Webinar

We are big fans of ongoing learning. There is a lot your FP system can do, and features are often being improved. To share our passion for knowledge with our users we offer special event webinars (for occasions such as a big new release) as well as ongoing webinar series. Webinars are always free, and always recorded. To keep in the loop as to what sessions are coming up, and to catch up on past webinar recordings, check in on our resources page.

3. Help Me, Help You

We know we would be nowhere without our customers, and we want to hear from you and help you with your agency project management software journey as best we can.Want to see a webinar on retainers? Let us know. Want a webinar on office dogs, veganism and rock climbing? Heck, we’ll try that too – just reach out. Send your webinar ideas to our Success team and they’ll get on it.

Have ideas about how the product could change or improve to make your life even better? Let us know that idea post haste! Submit them to our portal, so your ideas can be heard.

4. Connect With Us, And Let Us Connect With You

We’d give a teenaged girl a run for her money with our social media presence. You can find us on Facebook (also known by my mother as “The Facebook”), Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest. We have our own YouTube channel too. We’re always happy to catch up with our followers and viewers, and to keep them entertained (I promise our “Function Pets” photo album rivals the best cute ‘n fluffy, feel-good thing you can think of). We welcome the chance to connect with you or your organization in any of these virtual places and spaces!

5. Channel Your Inner Hermione And Head To The Library

There’s a lot you can do in your FP system, and we want to ensure you’re never without a resource or a how-to guide. As such, we have built a library and endeavored to include anything you might ever need to know about FP Our library wasn’t built with the focus being on what we think our customers need, but rather with the focus on what our customers say they need. The library is searchable, the documents are printable, and comments can be left for us if you have follow up questions. Should you be unable to find the magic spell you seek, just drop us a line! I’ll either find it for you, or bust out my documentation wand and make it happen.

We hope to continue to keep your business, and help you grow your business. Between the both of us, we’ll win the whole darn tango competition!

Interested in learning how we can be your new tango partner? Function Point’s agency project management software is the leading all-in-one solution specially designed for the creative industries. Our convenient cloud-based software combines project management, time tracking, CRM, financial and business reporting tools. Click below to book a demo with one of our software specialists. We’ll see you on the dance floor!

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