How Function Point Builds a Winning Support Experience

For the 18 years we’ve been around, Function Point has always been based on real, human connections – whether that’s between co-workers, or with our customers. One thing we’re very keen about, which is integral to our Support team, is providing an experience over just a service. Here are 4 ways we make your Function Point experience one to talk about.

1. We’re Proactive

Many companies rely on their customers to come to them when they have an issue. We believe in reaching out to you before issues even arise. Regular, scheduled check-ins are available to you and your team, just to see if you need any help, have any agency project management software questions, or want to talk about the weather! We want you to be happy all the time, not just because we solved a problem for you. Being proactive allows us to prevent a lot of problems before they even have a chance to develop.

2. We’re Here For You

Seriously. While email is the standard for many system issues, there’s a lot of value in providing options for customers to receive application support when they have more pressing issues. Our customers can reach out to our Support team through the medium that is most appropriate for their issue. When needing a quick answer to a question, having to make a phone call is less than ideal. Nobody likes waiting. So check out the FP resource library that’s full of the resources to quickly and easily help yourself. Or, if you want to explain your issue in more detail, give us a call! One of the team’s internal key performance indicators is to make sure satisfaction levels are over 95%. Last month, the Support Team hit a 98% satisfaction level. We’re also super proud of our response time of 30 minutes, because we work hard to achieve it!

3. We Know What’s Up

The first thing we do when you’re experiencing a problem, is understand why. With 18 years of experience, we know the right questions to ask to help us understand. Armed with our arsenal of knowledge (and wit!) we’re able to provide you with the right solution, faster. More often than not we’ve dealt with an issue that’s similar to yours. The more details we get, the better and faster we will be able to resolve your issue! And because we’re an in-house Support team, so we know the product like the back of our hand. We also understand the need to evolve with the times. Education is a big part of our company culture, and it’s why we’re constantly striving to to upgrade our skills. Our Support team was recently awarded QuickBooks® ProAdvisor certification, which was a natural evolution in elevating the level of customer support offered, as Function Point is already a QuickBooks® Gold Developer.

4. We’re Your Resource

Many customer issues arise from a lack of preparation. Having a library of resources can circumvent this issue by giving customers the information they need to tackle problems on their own. Our various agency project management software webinar series are also a great resource, and can help ensure you’re as prepared as possible when it comes to using the software. While we may be experts in the field, we know it’s counterproductive to become hyper-focused on what we think customers need. Instead, by acknowledging what customers actually want, we’re able to provide a customer experience that exceeds expectations.

This article was written by former Function Point employee, Jonathan Tsang. 

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