¡Hola! Function Point’s Project Management Software In Spanish

Function Point has been expanding throughout the years into Spanish-speaking regions, ranging from Mexico to Columbia. Si Señor! We are proud to be part of the Latin community. These regions have unique needs and when it comes to work management softwarecommunication is key.

As a native Spanish-speaking Onboarding Consultant, I am especially excited about the initiatives that are underway. But first, a quote:

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.” – Rollo May

This is really what makes FP unique. We are invested in your success and providing you with ways to maximize your use and understanding of the system. We recognize that having one-on-one contact in your native language with FP staff will make all the difference in establishing true communication and a real partnership.

With this in mind, we have many exciting ideas, and know there are endless possibilities. We have a few initiatives (and surprises) for our Spanish-speaking clients already on their way, including:

1.  Providing Support In Spanish Immediately

When it comes to work management software, inquiries and questions are bound to happen. We can now address these questions in Spanish to meet your needs with clarity. We have already begun to provide training in Spanish to our existing clients. I’ve genuinely had a fun time addressing our clients’ individual challenges and have been met with excitement and engagement in return.

2.  Translating The FP System Into Spanish

Yes, the entire FP system will soon be available in Spanish and will contain the same groovy configuration and your favourite features as before.

3.  Translating “How To” & Most Frequently Used Documents

We are excited to provide “How to” and step-by-step documents in Spanish in the FP Library, enabling you to maximize your use of our work management software.

These are just a few of the exciting changes happening at FP. Of course, our advantage remains to be our people. As the old Spanish saying goes: “Mi casa es tu casa.”

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