Gain an Advantage for your Creative Agency – Task Management Software

Understanding your agency’s core competencies when developing your pitch, estimating a job or planning your work can really help in the sometimes elusive quest of maximizing profit at your creative firm.

Keep in mind that you won’t gain an advantage on your competition by simply adopting a task or traffic management software system, but using the opportunity to develop a workflow that will allow you to both plan and collect relevant data will provide you with both short and long-term dividends.

Using data that can be available to your organization based on historical work efforts for different clients, job types and tasks can give you a significant leg-up on planning future work. You can use this information to ensure that you are able to make money with your proposal, that you can commit to deliverable dates based on your staff resources and that your focus is on the types of work that make you the most money (i.e. that you’re best at).

You will even be able to determine which clients you may want to send to your closest competitors – you know, the ones that take up too much time and never want to pay for it 😉

Planning, estimating and tracking (time and expenses) are key elements in running a successful business regardless of your model. Fixed fee pricing can be great for clients and agencies alike, but without proper management it is easy for scope and time creep to run amuck … so adopt an agency management tool such as fp. and gain an advantage for your company.


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