Function Point Provides More than Just Creative Management Software

It happened so fast… another year is coming to completion. It has been one of the most rewarding years in my working career and in particular my time at Function Point.

I founded the company in 1993 and incorporated in 1997. My work was to build tools for managing creative businesses. Most of my clients in those early days were looking for software to manage design firms. It was a lot of fun, albeit somewhat lonely being a sole proprietor.

Fast forward to 2011. Our focus is now razor sharp.

Providing the very best Web-based project management software service for the design industry. But this year has been a little different for me personally. I could wax poetic about our growth in new clients exceeding our expectations, or how our customer satisfaction ratings have remained high. But what I want to express today relates to my relationships with people and how much fun I have had meeting customers in their offices and learning about their work, passion and the culture they enjoy in the studio. This is my benchmark for 2011.

One trip, in particular, stood out as it involved visits to a number of creative agencies. I spent a week in the Chicago area. It was a week of education and client visits. Tony Mikes, of Second Wind was doing a two day seminar on Agency Operations and Financial Management. I was excited to learn from a seasoned pro and Tony kept me captivated for the entire two days. A great learning experience. I would highly recommend you attend any of his workshops and educational events.

I then traveled to Michigan to spend a day with a new client and his team. They are a mid-sized agency, that is mature in their process and with a number of long-term staff and a strong culture. They know their experience in managing accounts, deadlines, and the entire creative communications process was of value. It was great to see and hear them interact.

Traveling north of Chicago to Milwaukee, I met with one of our clients in the Industrial Design field. They too are a 30 plus person shop with deep roots. Working with this group showed to me the style of interaction that has allowed them the privilege of many years in business with a very respectful portfolio of clients.

I then traveled on to Madison. What a great city. Having an early morning run through the university and along Lake Mendota was fantastic. The university kids everywhere made me realize again the importance of community and having a passion for learning. In Madison, I met with a few boutique agencies and had a terrific lunch with one client. They are a married couple who are recent empty-nesters. Something my wife and I are just starting to go through, so we had much in common. Far more important than learning of their satisfaction with Function Point was hearing of their lifetime commitment to being self-employed and accepting change as the only consistent thread to business and life.

A most enjoyable week of interaction. And to me a strong inflection of how important our culture is. How important open communication is. How valuable meeting people, shaking hands and simply listening and sharing ideas is to personal growth.

So as 2011 comes to a close I look inward at myself. Introspection. Thinking about what I can do to ensure good communications and strong interaction among those I associate while embracing change as a constant that is inevitable.

I have always believed in the motto of “a lifetime of learning” and 2011 has indeed been a learning experience. Looking forward an I’m trusting 2012 will be just as exciting. Just as Rewarding.

To you and all of your people, I wish you a very Happy Holiday and most promising New Year filled with interaction, education, and change that helps you grow.


Chris Wilson


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