Function Point Project Management Software Vs. Workfront

When it comes to choosing your cloud-based project management software, it is important to look at a variety of factors. While many of our customers originally compared Function Point to other solutions, they ultimately decided to implement our market leading project management software based on these main reasons:

1. Robust Financial Management

Tracking your budget according to “Estimate Vs. Actual” is one of the most important metrics in understanding the health of your projects and your agency. With Function Point you can develop a granular budget for each project you’re working on.

As time goes, on you can compare your time spent vs. the time you had budgeted and make adjustments in how you’re resourcing your team. By looking at your projects in the light of financial viability, you become more efficient with your time and in turn, you’ll help to achieve the results that you promised your clients.

2. Gold Level QuickBooks® Integration

Without being able to sync your system with your QuickBooks® Accounting System, consider all the time that you lose because you have to take the data from a system, calculate billable costs, create that invoice, send it to client and re-enter enter that invoice into QuickBooks®. Imagine how easy life would be when all you have to do is hit the “Invoice” button, and with a couple of clicks have an up-to-date invoice created, sent to your client and miraculously in your QuickBooks® Accounting System.

With Function Point, all of your job expenses and invoices are automatically populated into QuickBooks®, fulfilled because of our Gold Level Developing relationship. The time you save by using Function Point will skyrocket your return on investment.

Workfront integrates with other tools through their API but it doesn’t work with accounting software. Their focus is on task management not the financial viability of your work. Something that we believe is essential to continually drive creative work.

3. Low Cost / No Commitment

Price is important, is it not? Something Function Point offers in contrast to our competition is that our pricing is straightforward and affordable. Furthermore, you can pay on a monthly basis, and we will not lock you into any long-term contract. In fact, our brand promise ensures that you’ll see success with Function Point withing 60 days or we’ll give you your money back.

4. Creative Industry Experts

We here at Function Point work with businesses of 5-100 employees who have needs that are different than the needs of a Fortune 500 “Corporate” client. This means that our project management system was created specifically with these teams in mind. We’ve worked with customers for over 20 years to build a solid understanding of the challenges, workflows, and decision-making of mid-size creative agencies

With an all-in-one project management system like Function Point, your organization can easily manage projects, resource teams and integrate them with financial tools to help your company be more productive and more profitable. Book a Demo

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