Function Point Project Management Software vs. Workamajig

During your search for an agency management software, you might have found Workamajig to be a similar solution to Function Point’s project management software. Both solutions focus on helping creative agencies manage projects from start to finish including CRM, estimates, deadlines, financials and time-tracking. So what are the key elements that make FP a better fit for you over Workamajig?

1. QuickBooks® Integration vs Built-in Accounting

This is the #1 differentiator between the two systems. Function Point focuses on a robust QuickBooks® integration and Workamajig has a built-in accounting program. QuickBooks® is a market leader in accounting software with over 5.2 million paying users (at the time of writing) and 94.2% market share (in mid-2008). Instead of trying to compete with the vast resources and expertise they deploy to continually develop and improve their product, we decided to produce a seamless integration so that your accounting team doesn’t need to learn a new accounting package. With our QuickBooks® integration, your invoices and expenses will be synced to QuickBooks® with the click of a button — say bye-bye to double entry!

2. Customer Support

Both Function Point and Workamajig focus on the creative industry to better service each unique agency’s workflow. At FP, we believe in the personal touch and going above and beyond for each of our customers (our customer support satisfaction of over 95% over the past two years if pretty sturdy evidence of this). Our client satisfaction is the result of our commitment to have a mutually successful long-term relationship! Check out what some of our clients have to say about their support experience:A company is only as strong as its support and FP has delivered to our firm the highest level of support. We deal with other online software solutions on behalf of our clients and no other company comes close to the support FP give us.  – John Penney, CEO / Creative Director at BlackDog AdvertisingThe real value of this software is the customer service, any small issue that arises I can pick up the phone and it’s fixed. Would highly recommend this software to anyone– Claire Strande, Account Executive at Judson Design

Every question I have ever had was addressed promptly and explained so I could follow through. I think that is really important. It makes me feel even better just knowing I can get answers when I need them. – Susan Leader, President at Leader Graphic Design, Inc.

3. Ease of Use

This is one of the key factors to consider during implementation and for your long-term success. The common feedback we receive at FP is that our system is intuitive and it requires fewer clicks to access the information they are looking for than other systems. A big contributor to this is the fact that FP runs on HTML5. This means that you can access FP on any mobile web browser application as well.

To add to the ease, with the Function Point time-tracking app, you can track your time on-the-go. Even if you’re offline, you can fill in your timesheet and it’ll automatically sync when you’re back online.

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