Function Point Project Management Software vs. Mavenlink

If you’re currently searching for project management software you’ve probably come across several solutions that seem to fit. When choosing a workflow management tool, it’s important to investigate the whole picture, and at first glance, there are a couple solutions that offer similar project management software with financial management.

But there are some differences that lead creative agency firms to choose Function Point, specifically over MavenLink:

1)  Focus On Creative Industry

It’s important to know your client’s industry, which is why FP focuses solely on one: the creative industry.

We help manage all types of workflows unique to your agency, from business development to job management, task/resource allocation, and job financials. Our customer success team, onboarding experts, and technical support staff have over 20 years of dealing with best practices in the industry to help you maximize your ROI. This allows you to focus more on what you love.

2)  All-in-one: Built-in CRM System

Running between multiple software systems is annoyingly time-consuming. That’s why FP offers a powerful CRM system. You can integrate emails automatically, record client communications, create quotes, track sales pipeline, and store files internally or externally. Not having to search for a CRM system that can integrate with your project management tool will save you time and money that you can put towards creative work.

3)  Ongoing Support Included

With the help of your onboarding expert, you’ll get your system setup and deployed efficiently, and we won’t leave you hanging there. Ongoing support is key to ensuring you have continued success with your software. Function Point provides application support through phone and email, webinars, the community forum, and so much more. You can rest easy knowing our support team is there for you, ready to help, without any hidden charges racking up your costs.

4)  Full Integration With QuickBooks®

While both systems have QuickBooks® integration, our customers choose Function Point because of our end-to-end integration. For example, once an invoice is marked as paid in QuickBooks®, it can sync back to Function Point easily so the management team can see accurate financials in real-time. A full integration setup means that all the aspects of your agency’s business operations can be efficiently managed from anywhere and at any time.

Imagine no more double entry of expenses and invoices, and being able to access P&L reports at the click of a button — it doesn’t have to be just a dream.

Built for You

FP is a solution specially designed for ad agencies, design studios and internal marketing departments looking to streamline their business. Our integrated software combines project management, time tracking, CRM, financial, and business reporting tools in one convenient cloud-based system.

With an all-in-one project management software like Function Point, your agency can keep the focus on being creative. We welcome you to book a free personalized demo with one of our software experts to see how Function Point can help your agency grow!.

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