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One of the main issues we hear from agencies frustrated with broken workflows and inefficiencies is that they are using multiple platforms to organize their business. Not only does this cause unnecessary stress, it also causes agencies to experience a lack of visibility into their business’ operations.

From building project proposals to providing business intelligence reports, Function Point is an agency project management software that is in the business of productivity. This is why we’re especially proud to announce that we’ve been recognized in CIOReview’s Top 20 Project Management Solution Providers of 2015. You can view the full CIOReview article, or check out the fast facts below (we are all about productivity, after all).

In order to respond in an ever-changing environment, we provide real-time information through business intelligent dashboard modules and alert mechanisms. For us here at fp., part and parcel of accommodating this constant change is delivering on our core value of embracing the needs of our customer and being accountable for results. The Function Point time-tracking app allows you to track your time wherever you are – even if you’re offline. Just fill in your timesheet and the data will automatically sync. To make life even easier, you can use the microphone icon to dictate your timesheet descriptions rather than type them in. Think of the time-tracking app as the cherry on top of a delicious agency project management software.

As a cloud-based software, Function Point allows businesses to view a project’s real-time profitability, forecast revenue and predict the upcoming demand on their resources. The all-in-one agency project management software enables staff to manage clients and track projects from the implementation stage to completion. Function Point addresses possible customer lifecycle management issues and provides full financial estimation that includes time-tracking, expenses and complete invoicing capabilities.

To learn what Function Point can do to boost your agency’s profitability and productivity, talk to one of our software experts:

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