fp. Project Management Software Boosts Top Draw’s Growth

Online Project Management Software Case Study 

 Online Marketing & Digital Strategy Agency
SIZE: 27 Employees

Background On Top Draw

Founded in 1993, Top Draw is a fully integrated online marketing agency with an expert team of designers and strategists. From digital strategy to responsive websites and web-based applications, Top Draw connects design, technology and real-life data to create custom online solutions that help businesses thrive.

Challenges Prior To Function Point

  • Top Draw utilized up to eight different software tools to manage projects, which made extraction and transfer of information prone to error
  • The agency did not have a rapid means to review project health, or assess how busy internal departments were
  • Without an integrated creative project management software solution, scalability was limited

The Benefits Of Function Point

  • Function Point’s all-in-one software system increased efficiency, and reduced the chance for errors during data transfer between multiple software platforms
  • Accelerated reporting provided a barometer to gauge available human resources
  • Improved visibility on clients’ projects has made Top Draw more agile in responding to their needs
  • Function Point helped Top Draw break through barriers to growth


Top Draw is a rapidly growing online marketing and digital strategy agency made up of developers, strategists, designers and analysts. Over the last three years, the company’s employees more than doubled in numbers from 12 to 27, and it became apparent that the business owners and project managers needed to be able to access information about their project management processes at an accelerated pace; they would either need to connect the disparate software programs they were using, or switch to a wholly integrated creative project management software system. Top Draw chose Function Point as their all-in-one cloud-based solution.

Embracing Function Point brought immediate benefits of efficiency, accuracy and visibility to the business’s client project reports. Previously, checking the health of a project meant a delay of 20 to 30 minutes to assemble the information. The time it took to create a report on one project had to be multiplied by all of the active projects needing to be reviewed. There was also room for error in the process, since staff had to transfer data from one platform to another. Starting up projects and estimating has also become faster, because Top Draw uses Function Point estimate templates to quickly begin new jobs.

creative project management

Once the company’s reporting processes were made easier and faster by using Function Point, the Top Draw team reviewed project health more frequently. This was especially useful in managing monthly client work on retainer. The immediacy of project metrics and increased visibility has meant staff has more clarity on where to place their efforts. On one successful campaign, Top Draw used Function Point to manage the project tightly. Being well-informed on the progress of the project allowed the firm to change tack from the original course, and divert resources into places the campaign needed most. Visibility afforded the team agility, so they could make nimble adjustments as their client’s needs changed.

Accelerated reporting on weekly billable hours by department provides analytics to indicate how busy the staff is.The reports on workload capacity help tip off managers as to when they need to hire, so employees aren’t overloaded, and projects stay on deadline.

Function Point assisted Top Draw in breaking through a barrier in terms of the number of clients and employees the company can service. Initially, the concern was that once Top Draw reached a certain number of clients, the job of pre-planning and managing all of the related tasks associated would be too unwieldy. However, Top Draw discovered that by using the creative project management software, they increased agility and efficiency, and subsequently, didn’t have to pre-plan every detail. Top Draw could do more tasks for their clients, and take on more clients and employees. The online marketing company has been on a growth curve of 30% in revenue year over year, and Function Point has played a key role in aiding their expansion.

Function Point’s delivery of real-time visibility, in tandem with accuracy and efficiency, has been a major contributor to Top Draw’s ability to read a timely pulse on project health and workload capacity. The agency can now be confident that growth will be supported by Function Point’s fully integrated systems, giving Top Draw more time to service their clients.

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