fp. Answers: Common Project Management Software Questions

It happens every once in a while: you stumble into a problem with your creative project management software – don’t fret! There’s a strong possibility that someone else has already experienced, survived and resolved the same issue. They’ve probably come out of the situation a smarter, better looking person too. Hey, it’s what we do.

project management support questions

At Function Point, our creative project management software comes with free lifetime support. Our in-house support team prides themselves on providing the quickest, friendliest, most knowledgeable support that they can. Contact us by phone, email or check out our Community Training and Help sites. We’re always here to help you. Seriously. We never go home.

3 Best Ways To A Solution

1. Most of the confusion that you have, someone has probably already figured out, and this means that someone has already done the heavy lifting for you. Now you just need to cash in on the benefits! The best way to leverage this knowledge is to familiarize yourself with the most commonly asked about topics because the community help page is where you’re going to find it all. Here at Support we commonly field questions and issues related to:

Timesheets: Why do my timesheets show as internal billable or external billable? Why do my timesheets show as internal billable or external billable? Why does my timesheet have no actuals?

Print Outs: Can I increase my font on the printout? How do I add branding to my invoice? How can I customize what prints on the estimate or invoice?

Reports: Which report will show me my profit? Why does my completed job show on this report? How can I see what staff I have available? What report would I run to see what jobs are ready to bill?

A great starting point would be to search our client training help page, and enter in some key words relating to your issue. This knowledge base has it all. There are videos, screen-step guides, and how-tos on a wide range of topics that our clients have found useful.

2. Feel like you need something a little more personalized? Open a ticket with our knowledgeable Support team. We’ll show you how speedy and easy software support can be. Send us a message via email to support@functionpoint.com or through the portal.

3. Want to talk to one of the smiling faces at Support? (We don’t blame you, we’re really awesome.) Feel free to reach out to our team via phone at 1.877.731.2522  and press 2 to reach support.

Support Best Practices

1. Be descriptive when explaining your issue. The more detailed your description is, the better we understand your issue. The better we understand what you’re telling us, the more effective we can be in helping you to resolve it.

2. Explain the steps you performed leading up to the issue. This is an invaluable piece of information in being able to recreate the issue, which greatly improves the efficiency in producing a resolution.

3. Share any other details that you believe may be relevant. Did something change recently with your system? Has this issue occurred in the past? These can all be a positive force towards resolving your issue.

Meet The Author:

Hey, my name is Jonathan! As the new kid on the fp. block, I thought I’d take this time to introduce myself. I’m very happy to have been chosen to join the Function Point family because they ooze the camaraderie, community, and good vibes that I am very much a fan of. Although I’ve worked in customer facing application support before, I’m looking forward to learning continually. I’m also stoked to create awesome experiences with everyone on the fp. team, but mostly Levi the dog. Here are 5 things you definitely didn’t know about me (unless it’s you, mom):

1. My passion is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and I once co-owned an academy.
2. I love disco music, because it’s the best kind of music.
3. I consume bacon by the pack.
4. I hold an NFPA 1001 certification in Structural Fire Fighting.
5. I am the worst swimmer. Ever.

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