Find Creative Project Management Software To Fit Your Agency

Here’s the thing: we’ve worked with a lot of creative agencies. That is what we do, after all. What this has given us, though, is experience with what works and what doesn’t when it comes to project management for creatives. We know what a good match looks like.

It starts with knowing what you want before you go looking for your creative project management softwarebecause once you start, what each option has to offer can blend into an indiscernible jumble.

“If you know what you want, half the battle is won” – Tweet This

If the key to your agency’s productivity means trying to find a needle in an ill-fitted-project-management-software haystack, finding that proverbial needle may seem like an overwhelming task. To ease the process, here are 5 fundamental elements of what to look for in an all-in-one creative project management software:

1. Features

Features are essential. Take the time to establish the main features that you require. Basic features include CRM, estimating, job and task tracking, schedules, time tracking, expenses, invoicing, financial reports and cloud accessibility. After you’ve determined the must-have features, consider what other, ‘shiny’ features might be of value. For example, a real-time business intelligence dashboard provides a visual overview of your business vitals, while also allowing you to drill down into the details.

2. Accounting Integration

You also want to consider how your new workflow management system will integrate with your current accounting program. We recommend looking for one that integrates or is compatible with the one you already have. Why make life more complicated than it already is? For example, Function Point integrates fully with QuickBooks®, allowing our clients to take advantage of management software that is specifically designed for creative agencies while maintaining their existing accounting practices. Some project management softwares include accounting as part of their package, but review this option carefully as it means your accountant or bookkeeper may have to learn a new system.

3. Deployment 

Deploying a project management system requires more work than simply installing the software and pressing “go”. The process includes reviewing and streamlining your business practices, as well as learning to use new software. To get the most out of the system you choose, and to decrease the risk of a failed deployment, look for a software solution that has a structured training program with an expert advisor. A structured plan helps you learn the system incrementally and enables you to roll it out in stages. This will help increase your employees’ engagement and your business’s chances of success. Furthermore, working with an expert consultant that understands your business ensures that you’re receiving the advice you need to get set up for success and growth.

4. Fit

One way to help maintain long-term success is to have a system that will scale with your business’s growth. Many systems work well for companies at the outset, but few have features that meet the needs of a company’s expansion. The fit of the software company and the product’s features are essential for long-term success with the solution you choose. It’s crucial that you have confidence in the company, that they’re knowledgeable about your business, that the company inspires your engagement with the system, and that you think the people you’re working with are totally BFF (brilliant, friendly folks). Ultimately, you want to do business with a company you trust and that is committed to your success.

5. Price 

Price is an obvious point to compare, however most softwares are relatively close, so we recommend looking beyond the base cost. See what extras are offered: look for a money-back guarantee, free ongoing support and discounts for annual payments.

Finding an all-in-one project management system for your agency is an important decision. If you still have questions that need answering, check out this free project management buyer’s guide that has all sorts of juicy pointers.

Function Point’s creative project management software combines project management, time tracking, CRM for marketing agencies, financial and business reporting tools in one convenient cloud based system. If you’d like a personalized demo to see the kinds of difference Function Point can make in your agency, click the button below to connect with one of our software specialists – they’re super friendly, we promise!

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