Favourite FP Project Management Software Features

Sure, we all know Function Point is a fantastic project management software tool, but what about all those unsung features? Some of the most handy features may very well be the ones our users don’t remember, use, or aren’t even aware of. Allow me to highlight a few of my favourite FP tidbits that can be useful for your agency.

The In/Out Board

Share your status as “in” or “out” of the office with a simple click. Just hover over your own name at the top right corner of the FP system to access the drop-down menu. You can also open up the In/Out board to add more details such as “in meetings all day” or “on holidays until December 2nd”.

Learn more about the In/Out feature on your dashboard.

Create Your Own Dashboards

FP agency management software

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Although I think this one is gaining in popularity, I still encounter some uninitiated clients. Function Point allows you to make as many different home screens as you wish. Perhaps you don’t need to view timesheets, Jobs and Tasks, and Pinned Notes as much as you’d like to see your Recently Viewed Items, a Profit Summary and a Calendar. There are plenty of tile combinations, and once created, it’s very quick to toggle between your dashboard views throughout the day.

Learn more about customizing your dashboard.

Quick Search

The Quick Search languished for a long time at the bottom of your FP screens, but it has had a recent move up. This little treasure is the speediest way to get you to the data you need within any of the FP modules.

Learn more about how to quick search from your dashboard.


You’ll see the option to Add Link in the top right of any Job Details page. Use this feature to associate any URL to your job — for example: link to a Google document, online image, Dropbox folder, or website. I’m a fan of being able to keep anything and everything that might be associated to a job, attached to that job in the project management system.

Schedule Templates

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel whenever work comes in. Get used to the ease of using templates! Clients who have invested a little time to create them have more than saved it down the road by having templates in place. They don’t have to be perfect, and they will evolve over time, but they sure beat staring at a blank schedule or having none at all.

Learn more about creating schedule templates. 

Unlimited Number of Briefs Within a Job

I’ve blogged about this one before, but there’s no harm in promoting it again, because it’s just that useful. I recommend getting into the habit of using the briefs module. Briefs don’t need to be limited to the start of work — get one in place for a mid-way check and a “how did we do” follow up. Attach them all to the same job, and learn from the data to keep improving your processes.

Learn more about creative briefs.

Did I miss your favourite trick or tip? We’d be glad to hear your own preferred features, or ways that you work the FP. project management system to your advantage. Leave us a comment below.

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