End Your Creative Agency’s Project Management Chaos

End Your Creative Agency’s Project Management Chaos

Life at a busy creative agency can be hectic. There often comes a point when you realize that your current project management practices are no longer working for you, and you spend more time running around trying to fix problems than you do on growing your business. High productivity is what we all strive to attain, but this becomes almost impossible when an agency is operating in the midst of chaos.

Your creative agency may be operating in a state of chaos without you even realizing it. You fight fire after fire — resolving issues as they come without any way of preventing the next fire from catching.

Here are five warning signs that your creative agency is operating in a state of chaos:

1. Communication Disconnects

Communication within your agency and between your staff members is key. It is essential that everyone involved in a job or a task is kept up to date on the current status of it or has easy access to this information. When there is no clear method or standard of, information can get lost, mistakes get made, and people begin to get frustrated.

2. Disorder

As a business grows, you tend to take on more and more tools and methods for storing information based on preferences and convenience for each department. Before you know it, your business’ information is scattered across too many mediums to keep track of. Finding information becomes a group effort, and if there’s no centralized storage location for data, you run the risk of using unreliable or incomplete information.

3. Missing Data

Each decision you make concerning your business relies heavily on operational and financial data. Therefore, all of this data needs to be easily and quickly accessible. An inability to access scheduling, operations or financial data exactly when and where you need it affects every level of your business.

4. Unfulfilled Goals

If targets and deadlines are not being met, projects are going over-budget, and client relations are suffering, the stress of unachieved goals will undermine the long-term success of your business.

5. Unclear Procedures

Consistency is key when it comes to things like creating estimates, managing projects, assigning work and invoicing clients. If your business has ambiguous or duplicate processes in place, time is being wasted and there is an increased likelihood of errors being made.

If any of this sounds familiar to your creative agency, then an integrated project management solution could really turn things around at your agency by solving each of these problems. We’ve created this buyer’s guide eBook to help agencies like yours find a solution that works best for your agency and its specific needs. This eBook guide will help you easily identify areas in your business that aren’t operating smoothly and show you how project management software can solve these problems. This buyer’s guide covers all the features you want for managing your projects, along with some other features you may not have even thought of.

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