Does Your Creative Agency Really Need a Traffic Manager?

Does Your Creative Agency Really Need A Traffic Manager?

You want the best for your agency, you want to deliver high quality, exceed the expectations of your clients and keep on time with all of your deadlines. Having a traffic manager is much like keeping a well-oiled machine; a great traffic manager will ensure projects run smoothly, efficiently and that the end goal is achieved 100% of the time. Does this sound like something your agency needs? Yes, I thought so!

Traffic Manager

So what exactly is it that makes traffic managers so special?


The traffic manager has the crucial task of scheduling all work throughout the agency. He/she is responsible for opening all jobs, assigning tasks and scheduling all the way from start to project completion. Kinda important, no?! Most traffic managers will use an agency management software solution to help with their scheduling needs.


Having a great schedule isn’t enough on its own. If someone provides a schedule but doesn’t keep track of the status of the job things can easily run off course. Traffic managers need to be highly organized, constantly monitoring the status of jobs, making necessary changes and always making sure the jobs are moving along their lifecycle smoothly. (Did someone say well-oiled machine?!)

Improving processes

The traffic manager is constantly looking for ways to improve internal processes to ensure your agency can grow and take on new business opportunities.

As we know, keeping your jobs moving forward is the number one priority. Anything that slows down the job lifecycle internally can cost you money and in more extreme cases, it can cost you, clients. Process improvement may not sound like the most attractive thing in the world but the resulting profits are pretty sexy!


Finally, the traffic manager allows your staff to do what they do best be creative! All the while he/she is working behind the scenes making sure that the priorities of the agency and the priorities of the clients are met.  The traffic manager will constantly adjust schedules, tasks, and timelines to make sure that deadlines are adhered to and projects don’t run off course.

So, what do you think? Isn’t it time you hired a traffic manager?!

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