Does Your Creative Agency Management Software Work With iPad 2?

Yesterday was another big day for Apple and Steve Jobs. They unveiled the second generation of the iPad; thinner, lighter and faster. If you don’t already have one, you may be considering buying it, right? The creative industry is a space defined by early technology adopters with thousands of creative directors and senior managers who love new gadgets including the iPad 2.

Now here is the big question: “Can I access my current ad agency project management software with an iPad 2?” If you are using Function Point, the answer is YES! Our tool is not Flash based meaning that you can manage tasks, look at project deadlines and check your calendar while using the iPad 2.

Having the ability to access real time information is crucial to any ad agency in the market who wants to produce accurate estimates for clients and partners. In fact, some of our clients use Function Point workflow management tool as a selling point, positioning the tool as a competitive advantage to its clients. Wouldn’t your new prospect like to deal with an agency that properly manages projects and time?

I am sure that your client will appreciate the fact you have full control of your projects, and a real-time view of where each one is at in the production cycle. Not only can you avoid project delays and ensure everyone is on the same page, clients, traffic managers, art directors, account executives and copywriters will have access to the same information online at anytime, anywhere.

Are you using your iPad to manage your projects as well?

This article was contributed by former Function Point employee, Leonardo Maia.

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