Digital Asset Management (DAM) for Advertising Agency

The old days of having all your ad agency’s documents in a job bag is something from the past. Today, most of the ad agencies have access to their creative briefs, electronic files and all the information related to a project stored in the cloud.

Having the ability to quickly access proposals, estimates, PDF documents and digital assets are paramount to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. Although many advertising agencies still use internal FTP servers to store their digital assets, we are seeing the vast majority of agencies turning to service providers that offer cloud-based content management and file sharing solutions.

If you haven’t had a chance to check the 2011 November Harvard Business Review (HBR) issue, do so. There is a very interesting article about cloud computing and how companies are using the cloud to become more competitive. In fact, part of the article talks about how to make individuals more productive and enhance collaboration in a team. This is perfectly adaptable to your ad agency or graphic designer firm.

Source of Truth

We speak with creative directors, production and traffic managers on a daily basis, and part of their challenge is to find an ad agency software that would allow them to store digital assets and facilitates the interaction with clients and vendors.

Next time you are looking for an ad agency software, make sure you double check the DAM component of the software, and how the tool will streamline your creative and collaboration processes.

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