How Digital Agencies Can Connect with Prospects and Land Deals

When a prospect approaches your agency about a project, chances are you’re not alone. They’ve approached others. We caught up with Sam Elgar, Growth Engagement Manager at Invoke Media to find out about how you can best communicate your agency’s unique process to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Invoke Media is the team behind market-leading products like Hootsuite, Foodee and more, so Sam and his team have a lot of experience taking an idea from a pitch, to creation, to an in-market product.

Market Your Unique Process

Be transparent. Every agency approaches work in their own way and that makes them different, so how do you show it? Perhaps each project starts off with a joint workshop session or you have an amazing creative brief template that goes above and beyond what clients expect. No matter what your thing is, being transparent about your working process allows your prospect to connect to the project and your agency at an emotional and practical level.

“In order to get a partner on board, it’s important for me to talk about our highly collaborative process,” Sam says. “Invoke is rooted in product development, so we understand what it’s like to work together, make sure everyone does what they’re best at, and build things from scratch.” This aspect of their process is highlighted whenever they are in talks with potential clients.

“We operate in complete transparency with our partners,” Sam tells us. “We’ve turned our office and workshop space into a co-working space. Our clients are invited to work out of the space so they can understand what we’re up to and contribute at every step of the way.”

Identify if the Product and the Pitch are Different

In the world of product development, Sam finds that when you’re at the pitching stage, it’s not always about prescribing a final set of features and functions. It’s about casting a vision and aligning people to it. In this way, the pitch process can heavily influence the direction a product takes, which is exciting.

“More often than not, the product that I’m pitching is a vision of its potential,” he says. “Developing new business at Invoke is exciting because the final product isn’t set in stone early on. Our partners decide to strap in and get on board for a ride, knowing that the product and our path will evolve through the process.” This process is the pitch. An awareness that in product development, you are dealing with an oftentimes intangible product, from which the true value and features emerge when the right team with the right process works hard and makes the right decisions.

Other creative-focused agencies may find there is a defined difference between their product and their pitch. For example, if you specialize in corporate re-brands, your end product may always include a logo, tagline and colour palette. How you reach this point is what will set you apart from other agencies. If your process involves multiple client sessions where you dive into their core values and go-to market strategy, then that is the differentiator that becomes your pitch.

Connecting a Prospect and Vision

When you’re sitting in a pitch meeting, it’s not always easy to tell when your prospect is connecting with what you’re saying. They may have doubts on how your unique process could apply to their business or otherwise uncover opportunities. For Sam and the rest of the Invoke, they have a benchmark.

“A prospect has connected with our vision if they connect with the value of transparent collaboration,” he says. “Our goal is for them to become self-sufficient once we’ve completed our side of the work.”

Without this connection, it could be the signs of a troubled project and potentially a wrong fit.

The Takeaways

  • Be transparent about how your agency approaches work. When a prospect believes in your process, they’ll believe even more in the project.
  • Determine if the end product is different from the pitch. No matter what, show the prospect the value your process will add as the project comes to fruition.
  • If the prospect doesn’t feel your process is a good fit for their business, then working with them could be a challenge. Accept this and look for better opportunities.

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