Differentiate Your Brand With These 6 Content Marketing Strategies

The key to differentiating your brand and staying relevant in a competitive arena is a proper content marketing strategy. Coming up with fresh and engaging content regularly can be difficult, so it’s important to use it wisely and to its full potential. Don’t waste your great content with a poorly executed strategy. Differentiate your brand with these six content marketing strategies.


“Establish a unique point of view through your content to avoid blending in with other content being created in the same market. To do this you must analyze your target demographics, and learn about and monitor what the competition is doing,” recommends Jaimie Brown, content marketer at EliteAssignmentHelp. Examine their choices of tone, aesthetics, and their visual identity, including things such as their logo, colors, and mascot. Take a look at the themes, messages, and opinions expressed in their content. Identify which platforms they are most active on and who their influencers are. Track your competitors through their most popular content, sentiment about their products and services, where their most successful campaigns are platformed, and where they are growing or shrinking.

Create Engaging Content

Create some high quality and interesting content. You can produce content including blog posts, quotes, infographics, whitepapers, newsletters, podcasts, and videos. Video content is extremely effective for making people remember your brand, so if you’re comfortable with this medium, definitely utilize it. Video content will significantly increase the chances that people viewing your brand’s message will remember it. However, a good content strategy will use different kinds of content, and not just rely on video. Employing a variety of content types ensures your brand can communicate to audiences, regardless of how they best receive and digest a message.

Help Consumers with a Problem

Every time you create content, keep in mind that the consumer is always wondering, “What’s in it for me?” You should position your brand’s product as a solution to a problem. Establish your brand as having unique value and as the best way to solve your audience’s problem with your content. Give them a good reason to choose your stuff. Start by describing a problem that you know your target audience deals with, while also detailing the agitation and trouble the problem causes for the user. Then you deliver your solution.    

Create Content Out of Users’ Questions

As Google’s algorithms change, so should your content strategy. Over the past couple of years, Google’s search has moved to intention-based search. You can benefit by adjusting your content strategy from focusing on keywords to being search phrase specific. You’ll be able to quickly compile a collection of consumer questions and turn them into content. You can also search forums and blogs for common questions people have that relate to your brand, your product, or the problems addressed by that product.

Use Online Tools to Help Create Perfect Content

Clarity is an important aspect of content marketing, and that requires proper writing skills. Writing doesn’t come easily to everyone, so don’t hesitate to get some help from the experts. Here are some useful resources to get you started:

1) State of Writing and Via Writing – These are helpful grammar guides you can use to check over your content for grammatical errors. Don’t take any chances, get some help from the professionals.

2) Academized and grammarly – These are editing tools, you can use to make sure your writing does not contain any mistakes or typos.

3) Unsplash – Imagery is a vital element of your content marketing efforts, and Unsplash is the perfect tool providing top quality images on an extremely user-friendly platform. 

4) Google Drive Research Tool –  If you are already using Google Docs, the Google Drive Research Tool is an amazing resource to help amplify your content with credible sources. Just click ‘Tools’ in the menu bar and then ‘Research’ from the drop-down menu, and get started!

5) OSI Affiliate – This is an easy-to-use affiliate marketing software that makes it easy to recruit and empower affiliates and influencers to promote your brand across a variety of social networks.

Keep Your Design Clean

Resist the temptation to include all the content you feel is relevant on your page. Users will find a simple layout a satisfying experience, as well as aesthetically pleasing. You don’t want your page to look like an overcrowded MySpace page from fifteen years ago. Sometimes less is more. A simple design, with your best content, displayed prominently, and links to other content will work very well. You do not want over overwhelm or bombard your visitors.

A well planned and executed content marketing strategy is the best way to differentiate your brand. There are a lot of competitors out there, and you need to find out what they are doing so that you can use that knowledge to establish yourself as a superior alternative. Differentiate your brand from the crowd with these six content marketing strategies.

Grace Carter

Content Marketer

Grace Carter is a content marketer at Boomessays and UKWritings services, where she revises marketing content, improves email marketing and works with marketing interns. Also, Grace contributes at Essayroo educational website.

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