Dc Design House | Advertising Agency Software Spotlight 3

Without a doubt, we have the best clients. To show the world, we’ve launched a blog series to spotlight their successes, their Function Point (fp.) experience, and what makes their agency unique. This is part 3 of our interview with Eddy St. Coeur, Production Manager at Dc Design House.

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What makes your company stand out?
Aside from content marketing— we’re the first to do it locally — and our incredibly forward-thinking website design and development, we’re known in our community for giving back.

Our 15-member staff all volunteer. It’s the causes that our team cares about that we choose to do pro bono or deeply-discounted work for. In addition, we support, sponsor, and work with tons of organizations making a real difference to the people, the economy, and the culture in Newfoundland and Labrador. We’ve even been recognized by our local Chamber of Commerce for our community involvement and Dc was named Community Builder Volunteer of the Year for 2015.

What has been your company’s greatest achievement?
Awards? Yeah we’ve got ’em. But our greatest achievement is that our clients keep coming back. When we do a one-off job, we often hear back from that client not long after and they want help with something else.

What made you realize you needed a project management and time tracking software?
Our team expanded very quickly and we needed a project management and time tracking software that would allow everybody on a team to relay information through to each other with little confusion or ambiguity about what the task in front of them involved. Prior to fp., we were working across 4 systems and really tripling the necessary effort to ensure our teams had the right information they needed to succeed for our clients. Now with fp., we are able to do what we need to do all in one place.

In what way has fp. assisted your agency’s productivity?
Once the integration is completed and we’ve entered all of the jobs into the system, we’ll be able to really see our productivity projections. This is an amazing benefit we’re already excited to see play out.

Who’s the biggest fan of fp. in your office?
Sean, one of our designers, has been with the firm since near its inception. He saw the potential for fp. immediately and spent evenings tearing through the resources. His effort motivates the rest of our team to keep up and to keep that momentum going through the new system integration.

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