Dc Design House | Advertising Agency Software Spotlight 2

We love learning all about our clients and what makes them unique. In celebration of our unique clients, we’ve launched a blog series that spotlights their successes in productivity and profitability (2 of Function Point’s favourite things!)

Be sure to catch the first part of our interview with Dc Design House‘s Production Manager, Eddy St. Coeur.

What’s Dc Design House’s core philosophy?
We are building a resilient and exciting city by helping business and communities to Brand Better. We accomplish that goal through careful planning, cheeky and engaging creative, efficient execution, and measurement against the goals – all with proactive service and transparency.

Which FP features do you find most handy?
1.  The breadcrumb. For the project management application to flow properly, it forces structure for everyone who’s involved. Each person in their respective role has a part to play in setting a project up for success. And because everything builds on something already in the system, there’s little chance of information being lost.

2.  The resources link and copying invoices based on actuals. We can see our pipeline, and we can see what’s coming. We can’t describe how much that visual helps us when planning new projects with our clients’ expectations in mind.

Why do customers choose your company?
Our team. We have the best designers, writers, idea makers and more. We are a small firm, which means we’re agile. We’re passionate about our projects and helping our clients succeed.

We also create some of the cheekiest, inspiring work in our market, in short- and long-term marketing plans.

How did the FP onboarding program help you implement the software?
Worth. Every. Penny. Our Customer Success Manager really made us feel comfortable with the project management application we had in front of us.

The unique training program kept us on a timeline and broke the system down into digestible bits with planned meeting dates and modules we had to go through. The nature of our industry means we will always push our own goals to the backburner if there’s no pressure to make it through our internal efforts. Having the training program kept us accountable and made sure we weren’t wasting time to get the system up and running.

Where do you see in store for Dc Design House in the future?
In 10 years, we’ll be right here, creating amazing ideas one of the most sought after marketing and communications companies in Atlantic Canada. We will have established two different lines of business, with productization streams, where we offer curated, quality content to our clients through a hyper-engagement model. In 20 years, we’ll be working in a hive-style creative space, where we will welcome freelancers, artists, writers, thinkers to come and create freely in an ecosystem of commercial creativity.

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