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One of the perks of being the leading cloud-based project management solution is that we have clients worldwide. We love it so much we are showcasing them with a spotlight series! On the most easterly point in North America, we have Dc Design House – an award-winning production house and marketing firm. Meet their Production Manager, Eddy St. Coeur.

advertising agency softwareDescribe Dc Design House in a nutshell.
Dc Design House helps companies find their tribe. We raise our freak flags in solidarity with our diverse client base and provide web design, content marketing, social media campaigns, and traditional marketing services. But we’re not just a marketing firm, we’re energetic and enthusiastic about getting your business on everyone’s “Top 10” lists.

What we “do” is results. What we “do” is make your impact.

So, what does Dc Design House do? We Brand Better.

What motivates you to do what you do?

Seeing someone’s idea come to tangible life. I work with a great team and if I can facilitate them to apply their true talents – I’m down.

Does your company have any traditions?

Alisha, our copywriter, makes a cake for our team for every birthday. If someone joins the team… there’s cake. If someone moves on, yup, cake! We like cakes up in here.

We are also deeply proud of our annual client gift, which we call Cup of Cheer. At Christmas we send our clients a tasty treat and ask them to vote online for one of six charities our staff choose. The charity with the most votes gets a donation. It’s not a cash donation, but one of resources, time and creativity and effort, from our team to promote themselves and drive future donations.

What has fp. helped you achieve?

Our team is already working together more seamlessly. We’re not masters of every component of fp.’s cloud-based project management solution yet (it’s pleasantly much more robust than we had originally thought, and we’re stoked to keep building from where we are now).

There’s also peace-of-mind knowing that there is one repository for everything to rest in. It is all tracked and tagged to client files for reference, and carry over from year to year.

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