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When customers achieve profitability and productivity with our project management software, we celebrate! We’re showcasing their agency, successes, and their FP experience in our spotlight blog series.

Now, it’s our pleasure to introduce Mindy, CEO & Co-Founder at DAHU Agency!

Describe DAHU Agency

We are a creative marketing and advertising agency that adapts to the latest technologies and the behaviours of its users. By offering media consulting services, combined with thoughtful strategy and design, our expertise across multiple disciplines combines to help brands evolve into the future.

What are your 3 favourite Function Point features?

1.  Easy quoting

This had been hard to get right in the past. It caused so much back and forth and re-entry of the same information into different applications. Now we just have to enter the information once and keep working with the data until the job is complete.

I can so easily allocate tasks to my team members and build a schedule right within the job. I don’t have to go into other applications and notify them via email manually because they receive notification of new jobs and task assignments.

3.  Revenue reports

If I need to know what revenue we might be expecting, I can easily run a report and see each job with the expected revenue for any date range I want. This helps so much with financial planning and peace of mind.

4.  Easy Invoicing (Adding a 4th one, because I can)

I love the invoicing functionality that’s built into Function Point, that also allows us to customize the invoices for our clients.

5.  Support! (I can’t stop!)

The support Function Point provides is awesome and we get a response every time with clear instructions on how to do what we need done, or fix what we need fixed! Great response time and very friendly staff! The 1:1 training we had also helped set the tone that the company is very helpful and willing to help.

What’s been your company’s greatest achievement?

DAHU opened our doors this year, which was a major milestone for us! We are an agency collaboration between our co-founders who are both veterans of the creative marketing and advertising industries. One of our co-founders ran an agency in Germany for over 12 years before moving to the United States. Our other co-founder was Executive Creative Director at a Texas-based B2B agency for many years before combining their experiences to create DAHU.

Who’s the biggest fan of FP in your office & why?

I think the biggest fan of FP in my office is ME! I have spent endless hours of my career using project management software programs that only performed a fraction of what FP offers. They had poorly designed interfaces, required complex input, and I honestly dreaded the time I had to spend in them.

Now, I love the FP interface and the UX is super easy in comparison. I get so happy when I complete a schedule in record time or a quote within minutes.

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