Creativity, Culture, Function Point & My Personal Mission

Jane, Alon, Tate, and I attended 3 days of business coaching in October. I call it coaching because we were outside the office participating in dialogue associated with our culture.

Not process or metrics. Nothing to do with agency workflow management, sales methodology or accounting.  It was about building our culture, our team.

The Difference Engine are the guys who helped Chip Wilson build Lululemon into a major success story.  They have started a small business focused group called the Envy Generator. These guys are about building a strong team, a financially rewarding organization and ultimately a great life for everyone involved.

I have been working with Roberto for the last couple of months. It is a focus on exploring and developing a primary mission for myself, a broader vision for the company and introducing terms for clearly articulating our desire for personal growth and respect throughout the organization. The three days of coaching was an introduction for our leadership team to these principles.

We have a set of Core Values and perhaps I will talk more towards these in future posts but today it’s about the Mission. This is core to your persona.  Living within your mission is a personal experience. As Anarag would say, “The secret to having an amazing life now, is in discovering, articulating and being uncompromising to your mission.”

My personal mission is not about our company or product. It is about how I want to leave people feeling and thinking.

Words like curiousrespected and trusted are very important and resonate with me. I want to bring a genuine interest to the outcomes I am involved in and to the experiences for those who work with me and to the customers that engage with me.

In my experience, I have always found that people who are informed, actively engaged and present in a discussion and the decision making process have more fun and are more productive. The outcomes that people have more control over will leave them feeling more fulfilled and usually prepared to commit and complete what they decide to do.

In the 15 years that I have been building fp. I have always believed that we have gotten so much done by so few people because of our culture. Allowing people to think of their personal growth and work related successes within the context of living a great life makes all the difference.

Yeah, Right On!

Chris Wilson
President and Chief Client Advocate

Go ahead … share your thoughts on how your company culture has shaped your organization and personal growth.

Culture and Brand: we live our values at fp. The pictures on the wall are just a reminder!

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