Creative Project Management – How Is It Different?

“Project management is the discipline of organizing, managing and communicating with resources in such a way that these resources deliver the work required to complete a project within defined scope, expected quality and specified time frames. Project management in a creative working environment considers the organization of this work, but also lends a focus to the organic nature in which creative ideas come to life.”

This is according to Catherine McIntyre Velky of ADEPT Creative Project Management.

I am excited to be attending the ADEPT Creative Project Management Workshop in San Francisco on May 17th. Not only am I using this as an opportunity to learn from consultants in the creative industry to bring back to our clients, I will also be using what I learn to help bring new concepts and ideas to our software. At FP we are constantly on the lookout for industry best practices, new ideas and new partners to help bring value to our customers.

“The ADEPT™ Creative Project Management Workshop was developed by advertising agency veterans who possess deep experience and insights into the unique challenges of managing projects and people in a creative environment.”

Stay Tuned

I will follow this up with a post-workshop review of the event. This will include some insights and lessons learned in the arena of project management, and the nuances of the advertising and creative industries. I look forward to learning from some industry experts.

Check out the links above for more information about ADEPT, Catherine and her team.

This article was contributed by former Function Point employee, Tait Lillies

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