Creative Agency Task Management to Become Easier With June 10 Launch!

As part of our planning on the marketing and sales side of Function Point, we have made committments to writing blog posts, tweets, and posting to other social media tools. LinkedIn and Facebook for instance.

The topic, approach and content are all vital to ensure the outcomes of SEO optimization.

That being said, I have a great topic. The next release of our flagship product, Function Point.

Where We Were Before

Approximately two years ago we embarked upon the redevelopment of our product. Having originally been developed in an early version of php and mySQL, Alon (our VP of Technology) had been pressing me, telling me we needed to redo the back-end of the system. Put the tools in place to allow the future development of advanced web interfaces such as easy loading of timesheet entry screens, views of staff utilization, and graphical components to represent current project loads.

Where We Are Today

It is great to be in a position today to say we have made significant progress in redeveloping our web based project management solution and to speak directly to the screens we will be launching on our June 10th upgrade plan.

Our goal for this release is to rebuild our timeline and task scheduling components. Improvements such as:

  • Building drag and drop organization of the timeline components based on estimate
  • Providing a more robust import from Microsoft Project
  • Redesigning the way tasks look and function
  • Allowing the planning of task due-dates to be more automated
  • Building options for filters on the dashboard to more easily work with tasks on a day-to-day basis.

For the last month we have been working with this next version in-house and showing it to clients and prospects in pre-release reviews. The response has been very favourable and I look forward to hosting three webinars in the next few weeks that will review the new version. Please sign up for one of the reviews below.

JUNE 8th (8am PDT/3pm GMT)

Pre-release Review of version 9 (Sneak Peak): Building Timelines and Scheduling Tasks.

June 8th: (3pm PST/10pm GMT)

Pre-release Review of version 9 (Sneak Peak): Building Timelines and Scheduling Tasks. (Hopefully this time works for our early morning Aussie clients!)

June 15th: (10am PST/5pm GMT)
Open forum: Working with Version 9. Review, Invitation for feedback and Q&A.

We have a few other changes not mentioned here that will further enhance the user experience including additional email alerts, job financial views and additional reporting capabilities. All items that will drive staff utilization and firm productivity.

I hope you will join me in one of our webinars or forward a request for a personal tour.

Chris Wilson (President and CEO)

Chris Wilson

Founder & CEO

Chris started Function Point over 20 years ago in his basement as a way to help professional service agencies run their businesses more efficiently. Since then he’s grown FP into an international success, working with over 600 agencies from around the world and continues to run the company from the head office in Vancouver, Canada.

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