Creative Agency Software Deployment. It’s not by accident!

Managing time in a busy creative agency is one of the most valuable activities to be done.  Of course it is also very difficult to keep each player in your team focused.   Account managers are always running to keep up with client requests. Studio managers are busy ensuring the work is moving along, while technology issues distract interactive teams.

Each player is busy dealing with what is important to them and some how it all works out with clients thanking you for work well done.

I wanted to introduce this concept and turn it towards the deployment of a new agency management software.  That is, talk toward the importance of each staff person taking his or her role in managing what is important to them while ensuring the goals of the whole agency are respected.

A good creative business management software will have specific components that are fine tuned for each of the main roles.  Here are a few examples.

  • An account executive should have methods for getting jobs started, lets say, by entering a job brief and recording the client wishes
  • The estimate and value of services to be performed are often completed by a business manager
  • The Studio manager is looking for great traffic management software
  • All the while, the accountant is looking to integrate with Quickbooks and ensure a strong audit trail on the whole process

Everyone has an important role to play and it’s imperative that everyone understands this.  Micromanaging is impossible and takes the fun out of a creative studio.  Not to mention that you can never grow a business micromanaging a team.

Patrick Thean, an authority on the Rockefeller Habits suggests leaders use autonomy and help team members be successful by defining the goal, asking what can be reviewed to ensure a proper understanding of the goals and offering help should it be required.

Tate Lillies, fp’s VP of Operations would concur.  Tate has helped me understand the importance of delegation, of helping a team member become an expert so that they can have a strong purpose in what they do…everyday.

When you combine a strong understanding of the goals, offer support and lead by letting others become trusted experts in what they do for the firm, your team members will own more of the process.

A tremendous amount of strength can flow from a culture where everyone understands the goals, where you can work with autonomy and own your piece, that is, to be trusted in your contribution.  It is essential to understand that company culture is fragile and that working as a cohesive team is far stronger than any player can offer on their own.

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