Creative Agency Scheduling Now More Powerful in Function Point

With the recent launch of FP version 9.0, scheduling your agency’s projects has never been easier. The timeline creator in Function Point has been completely overhauled and some advanced functionality has been added. Listed below are some of the new and improved features.

Schedule Helper

Entering dates into a timeline can be time consuming. But with FP’s new Schedule Helper, you can simply specify the days of the week people are available to work, how many hours they have available in a day and watch the Schedule Helper automatically schedule the dates for you.

Adjusting Dates Automatically

Lots of timeline/scheduling tools will allow you to move a single line item and have the rest of the schedule move accordingly. However, with FP’s new improvements to the timeline creator, you can now specify which tasks/milestones can move and which need to stay the same. So if the production phase needs to be pushed off by a week but the client meeting needs to stay on a certain day, this can be done with just a few clicks.

Drag and Drop

It’s now easier than ever to organize a schedule. With Function Point’s new timeline creator, not only can you drag tasks up and down a timeline, you can drag and drop an entire phase and all of it’s sub items too. Furthermore, you can drag tasks and/or entire phases into a being a sub category of another phase or task. This just gives you more flexibility when creating a schedule.

Select a Task and See its Timeline

The Task Detail page in Function Point has been greatly improved. Now when you select a task, you will be able to see exactly where it fits in a timeline without having to navigate to the timeline itself. Less navigation improves efficiency and ease of use. Now you can also upload multiple files to a task that fits within a timeline. That means that every step in a schedule can have it’s own file/folder structure to assist the staff person in doing the work.

These are just a few of the many upgrades released in FP 9.0. Contact Function Point now and schedule a time for a live demo.

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