Creative Agency Management Software and Gym Memberships

Deploying management software at your creative agency is kinda like buying a gym membership…

So you’ve decided to get (your agency) into shape. You melted the credit card out of the block of ice in the freezer and signed up for a gym membership (Creative Agency Management Software). Your life (agency) is super busy but you can’t wait to get in there and trim down the belly fat (reduce redundant data entry). You’re itching to increase your abdominal strength (improve billable efficiency) and pump up those biceps (increase profitability). You figure that in a few months you’ll be in such great shape that you’ll be ready to hit the beach (hire new staff).

Now it’s time to start working out (system deployment). Your membership includes guidance from fitness trainers (online system and workflow training) and you’re definitely going to take advantage of it. There’s also a bunch of free classes (training webinars) to take part in and you might even consider a few sessions with a personal trainer (on-site training and consultation). Yup, things are looking up for your fitness level (agency health).

There’s only one problem… The whole “working out” (setting up and using the software) thing. It means that you have to go to the gym (login to your creative agency management software) on a daily basis. You have to work on your form (learn the system), and push yourself (your staff) to stick with it. Like they say, “no pain, no gain”. But if you stick with it, you’ll see amazing results. There’s nothing like looking in the mirror (reports section) and seeing your abs (accurate revenue forecast) starting to show. Once that happens, even thinking of skipping the gym (opening a job outside of the software) would be considered blasphemy.

Aren’t you glad that you joined the gym (deployed creative agency management software)? Sure you could have worked out at home (built some manual excel reports) and seen some improvement. But the best results come from hitting the gym (using your agency management software) with dedication. Now pull out that old bathing suite and lets hit the beach (seriously, your agency is looking good. Go relax on the beach).


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