How A Creative Agency Controller Uses Function Point

We love catching up with our clients one-on-one and finding out about their FP experience. Recently, we had the chance to talk with Adam from Trampoline – in this interview, he shares his unique perspective on project management as a creative agency Controller.

How Do You Use FP?
Function Point is used company-wide by Trampoline, a full-service advertising agency based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to satisfy our project management, reporting and time-tracking needs.

In my role as controller at Trampoline, I’m using Function Point on a day-to-day basis for creating sales invoices, supplier invoice processing, monitoring work in process and tracking time on current jobs (dockets).

As a Controller, What’s Your Favourite FP Feature?

The Function Point/QuickBooks® Online combo works really well for us, with one software filling in the gaps that the other doesn’t have the capability for.

What’s more, we can link the two pieces of software completely seamlessly using the QuickBooks® Online integration tool within FP It synchronizes all of the sales invoices and supplier invoices we create in our FP system with QuickBooks® Online at the click of a button. It’s a total time-saver for us by removing the need to make manual entries in to QuickBooks®.

What’s the Best Part of Using an All-in-One Project Management Software?

I’ve worked in the ad industry for the past seven years, using various task and project management software in that time. I’ve found FP to be by far one of the best in terms of its ease-of-use and having everything under one roof.

With FP it’s no longer necessary to export data from multiple systems and attempt to merge them together. I now have the ability to see all our jobs — current and historic — and their financial performance in real-time, all on one screen.

It’s because of this and more that Trampoline has stuck with FP as our sole task and project management system since we started business over ten years ago.

How is FP Compared to Other Software You’re Using?

FP is the only software we use at Trampoline for project management. For us, it ticks all the boxes with regards to that, so why use anything else?

In addition to FP, QuickBooks® Online is used as our principal accounting software. From managing your payables and receivables to viewing your trial balance, bank reconciliations to external financial reporting (got to keep those auditors happy!) – it covers all of those bases.

Learn how this seamless integration between FP and QuickBooks® can benefit your creative agency and book a personalized demo with one of our software experts.

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