Choosing the Right Browser for a Cloud-Based Software System like fp.

Choosing the right web browser is just important as choosing which web based workflow and project management software to use for your creative agency. Selecting a modern and secure web browser that you and your colleagues utilize throughout the life cycle of the product is important to ensure that all staff experiences the same level functionality, usability and security.

Although mixing and matching browsers is not necessarily a bad thing, over time users may experience quirks or issues when using different browsers for the same web application. Since not all browsers are created equally you may find that a section or sections of the application either render differently or function or lack of differently across multiple browsers.

The 4 main considerations that users and organization must consider if they wish to use any kind of web based software such as Function Point are as follows.


The most critical of all necessities when performing any kind of confidential or important work over the Internet is the level of security and protection a browser can provide the user. Protection in the form of HTTPS/SSL Encryption, phishing filters and blocker and anti-virus warnings when downloading files from suspicious websites. All these forms of protections when working in tandem provide  a strong layer of security to safe guard your experience, data and security when utilize web based applications.


Caching and the JavaScript engine are the main factors that affect browser speed and performance. The majority of websites these days especially web based software utilize JavaScript extensively so using a browser with an efficient and speedy JavaScript engine can make a significant difference in overall browser speed and experience. With respect to caching, based on how extensively your browser caches web pages and content (download and stores web pages and their assets onto your machine) can also have a large impact on how quickly pages and their assets such as images and videos load.


The level of functionality and features that a browser can provide through built in features, extensions and plugins or via third-party support can greatly enhance user experience by allowing the user to further customize their browser and by extension their experience with your software.


Two main levels of support generally apply to browsers. How often the developer updates, releases fixes, provides new features to their software as well as the level of support i.e. troubleshooting and community help either from the developer themselves or the community that utilizes the browser.

In conclusion, Function Point recommends utilizing the following web browser applications to experience all Function Point has to offer.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

If you have any questions, please comment below or send us an email at!

Omar Samman | fp. Customer Support Representative

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