[New Release] BI Reporting: The Simple Way to Make Better Business Decisions

Data overage bills, what’s sitting at the back of the fridge, and your agency’s bottom line are 3 things you never want to be a surprise. That’s why with Function Point’s new Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting you have the power to turn data into the actionable insights that keep your agency profitable.

From project and agency profitability to staff utilization and work efficiency, you have all the information you need to make profitable decisions right at your fingertips.

Grow Your Business on Data-Driven Decisions

When you’ve got two big deadlines, five projects on-the-go and making data-driven decisions means working with a handful of spreadsheets, it can be hard not to rely on a more time-efficient gut feeling.

With real-time data about your projects, people and profits all in one place, BI Reporting makes it easy for your data to tell the story so you can make decisions that ensure your business is thriving.

Flow Seamlessly From Data to Insights

Profitability may be an important marker for any business, but your agency has a unique set of questions you need answered. The flexibility of pulling data from anywhere in your Function Point system means there’s no need to manipulate data with any other tools.

Know exactly where a project is eating money or who’s too overloaded to finish a project by its deadline, and turn those insights into profitable decisions.

Answer the Questions Unique to Your Business

Whether you need to know which projects were profitable or which services take up most of your team’s time, BI Reporting provides the information your team needs to perform analysis on the fly. Taking advantage of data that lives in the same place you manage your clients, projects and financials makes it easy to answer the deeper questions that matter to your team. From tables to pivot grids, real-time project analytics are within reach so you have the information you need to get the results you want.

Your Insights, Your Way

Delivering the right information to the right people is vital to making timely business decisions. With 26 built-in reports, you have instant access to the information you need.

You also have the flexibility to customize the reports. Add calculated columns, as well as filter and group data, so you can present the information your team and clients need, in the way they understand it.

Once you’ve customized your report, add it to your Saved Reports folder so it’s at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Get Started with BI Reporting

Login to your Function Point account to try BI Reporting under “Reports”. BI Reporting is permission-based — learn more.

Don’t have a Function Point account? Let us show you how BI Reporting can change the way you understand your business’ profitability.

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