Business Development Event for Creative Design Firms

During the past couple of years, creative companies have been forced to focus on a “less is more” approach to survive a globally-depressed economy where supply far exceeds demand. Reduced operating budgets, layoffs and the like took center stage as overheard expenses such as business development, capital investments and marketing fell to the wayside.

Climbing out of the recession and faced with a new economic climate, business owners are experiencing a renewed interest in business development, considering it a key factor in the difference between failure and long-term success.

For APDF’s next Exchange, Friday, December 2 in La Jolla (San Diego), Calif., David C. Baker of ReCourses, Inc. and APDF have worked together to develop an interactive session of key business development topics. The morning will be spent learning from David, and then participants will break into groups in the afternoon to discuss, debate, and develop actionable steps for you to bring back to your firm on Monday!


Function Point, through our partnership with the APDF, is proud to offer clients a discounted rate. If you are a client, or want to have a look at fp. software, Please contact us. We strongly endorse APDF events, as we believe they can add an extraordinary amount of value to an small or medium design agency. The APDF, like Function Point, is all about the business of design.



Your Relationship with Prospects and Clients

  • what you can and cannot fix
  • distributed control
  • 22 different tests of your positioning

Best Methods to Attract Sufficient Opportunity

  • what you can do right now to increase opportunities
  • the ultimate marketing plan

Growing Existing Accounts

  • working within the revolving CMO environment
  • what makes a good prospect (and ultimately, a good client)
  • methods for growing current clients

Talking About Money

  • managing to be consultative rather than transactional
  • 3 key ways money ties to your business model

Cathy Brownlee, Executive Director
The business resource for design firm leaders


David C. Baker has consulted with 650+ marketing firms around the world since 1994, interviewing and profiling 13,000+ employees and principals (through ReCourses, Inc.). He has written three well-received books and is on his fourth one. His work has been featured in the Wall Street JournalForbes, BNET, USA Today, Inc., Fast Company, and BusinessWeek.

David says it best: You’ll already know much of what ReCourses points out, but we will put the pieces into context, save you from experimenting, and bring solutions that may not have occurred to you yet. We’ll gently pull you out of the marinade of indecision and warm up the grill!

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