Boost Profits With FP’s Seamless QuickBooks® Integration

When developing features and functionality in our agency project management software, we’re always looking to optimize the experience for our many users around the world. One decision we made some time ago was to introduce QuickBooks® integration.

The logic here was to make sure that we had a tight integration with one of the world’s leading suppliers of accounting software, a product that we know appeals to many creative agencies.

A number of our competitors took a different path, and either devised their own accounting system or simply ignored the problem altogether. Given that QuickBooks® has around 5.2 million paying users (at the time of writing), we didn’t see the sense in trying to compete with the vast resources and expertise they deploy to continually develop and improve their market-leading product. Instead, fp. decided to produce a seamless integration that ensures agencies don’t have to give up their investment in QuickBooks®. Our integration also enables accountants to stay with a familiar product, while allowing others concerned with the operation of the agency to enjoy the capability of Function Point’s agency project management software.

Recently, we introduced an integration with QuickBooks® Online. It is thought that there are already 740,000 QuickBooks® Online users with 3 million predicted by 2017. Additionally, there is a significant move away from the traditional desktop (on premise) environment towards a hosted cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Function Point has been a true SaaS project management solution for many years, and we’re very happy that we can now provide a solution for all QuickBooks® users.

So, let’s look at the factors that enable a creative agency to improve their profitability when using Function Point with QuickBooks®.

1.  Cut Down the Workload

Without integration, there is a need to double up on entries. For example, an invoice produced using your agency project management software then needs to be entered into the accounting system. This means more work, more potential for errors, and more wasted time. NED2 (Never Enter Data Twice) should be your agency’s motto! Function Point’s integration with QuickBooks® means that all of your accounting data can be automatically transferred between systems, leaving you time to spare.

2.  Eliminate Unnecessary Retraining

This integration is great news for your QuickBooks®-savvy accountants! A new productivity management software should not mean that your accounting team has to learn a new software. Let them focus on what they do best, with the tools they excel in, all while remaining compatible with the operation of the rest of your creative agency.

3.  Keep on Top of Invoicing

Streamlining your agency’s invoicing process is another benefit of the seamless integration. Produce your invoices in fp., send them out to clients immediately, and then move the data to QuickBooks® when it’s convenient. The earlier the invoice is sent out, the earlier it will be paid, improving your cash flow. Timely invoicing — made evermore achievable with a project management system — tends to lead to fewer disputes, as the work performed is fresh in everyone’s mind. Don’t give the client any excuse to fall behind on their payments!

4.  Improve Job Reporting and Visibility

Having accurate information that’s easily available in both QuickBooks® and your FP system gives you a better understanding of your business, and helps you to make smarter decisions. You could not ask for an easier way to monitor the performance of your agency, and ensure that those key financial KPIs are being achieved.

So, what’s stopping you from finding out more about the benefits of using Function Point‘s all-in-one project management software with your QuickBooks® accounting system? Book a personalized demo with one of our software experts to see how FP can help your agency grow.

Ryan Creamore

Ryan Creamore

Director of Sales and Customer Success, Function Point

A passionate leader with a proven record of sales and customer experience success across several industries. I work with talented individuals to create teams that consistently achieve or exceed targets.

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