Wearing Many Hats? Ad Agency Software Can Help You With This

It’s something we hear a lot at Function Point when working with small and medium sized agencies, “I wear many hats in a week at our agency”. So often I’ll be speaking with a Project Manager who is also a designer, an account manager and at times is even the resident IT expert. These individuals are often frustrated, and our job here at Function Point is to help alleviate that frustration. But we don’t advise people to isolate themselves completely within their role. There are benefits to taking on multiple roles within your agency. I’ve listed a few benefits below.


It’s easy to feel as though you’re in a tougher spot than your co-workers. Everyone has felt like they have the hardest job at some point. But when you’re able to experience the challenges of a position that may not be your own, it’s easier to appreciate the efforts of the individuals who do it everyday.


When you understand the steps a co-worker must take in order to complete their tasks, it is easier to collaborate your efforts with them. Using a system like Function Point will definitely assist with this. But there’s no substitution for experience.


There’s comfort to be had when you know that each employee is capable of taking on the tasks of another. It means that if a team member is out sick, the project doesn’t come to a halt. Smaller agencies especially benefit from staff capabilities being flexible.

I read an interesting article recently about a similar topic: Don’t Delegate Until You’ve Done It. The article talks about leaders of companies getting their hands dirty with certain tasks before hiring others to take them on. This is something we at Function Point have benefited from as our president, Chris Wilson, practically invented the multiple hat analogy. If you’re an FP client, you probably know what I’m taking about.

This article was contributed by former Function Point employee, Amanda Truscott.

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