Mobius New Media Discusses the Value of On-boarding fp. Software

Function Point client, COO and Partner of Mobius New Media, Barry Crell, was interviewed recently about the need for an integrated agency management system and their specific experience with our software.

We were delighted that they had so many lovely things to say about us…

1. When did you decide to start using agency management software? What were the main reasons and what particular issues were you trying to solve?

2005. We built an internal system for time tracking and project tracking. Our system simply tracked projects. We were able to assign time to our staff for tasks and cap overall project hours once the budget was exhausted. It was our entry into agency management software. Our limitation was the need to continually improve the software and having limited programming staff, we were torn between working on billable projects or improving our internal systems.

2. How was the fp. adoption process for you? Did you feel any resistance from your team to adopt agency software?

The adoption process went smoothly. Working with a few key people at fp., we were able to migrate over our system, get integration with our accounting package and get rolling pretty quickly on setting up templates and projects.

3. What have been the main changes in your agency since you started using fp?

With the comprehensive system that fp. offers, we now have much better information on our overall company which allows us to make better decisions on growth and areas to expand. Additionally, with fp. we now have templates that allow us to spec out new projects without starting from square one (both in creating proposals and monitoring actual numbers from staff)

4. What are some tips that you would give to an agency that is looking to adopt agency management software for the first time.

I think that it is important to have one person become the fp. expert at a firm. That person can then slowly help teach staff tricks and features that will allow them to use fp. more effectively.

5. What is your favorite fp. feature?


6. What features would you like to see added to FP?

We would love to see a cap feature added to tasks. This would force staff to communicate with project managers if a task was to go over budget. We would also love to be able to add paragraphs and imagery to a proposal if needed. Potentially having a repository of stock content like: Firm History, Case Studies, Creative Approach, etc. And having the ability to select these items to be attached at the end of the proposals within one single pdf.

“Ping Pong” questions:

  • Last project: Web design and Search engine marketing for “Braces in”
  • Creative quote: Brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe that you can change the world and talented enough to do it.
  • Favorite ad: Loved the Absolut Vodka campaign from many years ago.
  • Inspiring professional: Photographer Sante D’Orazio
  • “Do more”* for you is: the new way that our company thinks about running our business efficiently and effectively to thrive and grow.

*fp. value proposition

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