How Small Creative Agencies Can Attract Big Accounts?

How Small Creative Agencies Can Attract Big Accounts?

It does not matter what size agency you have, may it be a small creative agency or a very large one, both are able to attract big accounts. It may be a little harder for a smaller creative agencies to land a big client, as this client may be a little skeptical to go with a smaller agency. That being said there are a lot of things that a small agency can do to stand out above the rest. In this blog, I will discuss a few ways that a small agency can attract big accounts.

Over the past few months, I have come across thousands of agencies in North America, ones that offer a specifically tailored service to a fully integrated creative agency that offers “the works”. As I look at all these agencies, I can only suggest that a smaller agency is much better off offering a tailored service in one or two market segments rather than trying to be a fully integrated marketing firm that offers every aspect of marketing.

A small agency should try and show how much more agile and innovative they are when it comes to thinking and execution compared to a larger firm, as a smaller agency is more likely to take a larger risk to get ahead. A large risk also has a large ROI. That being said there are a few other things that a small agency can show or do to attract larger accounts:

  1. Show their superior knowledge through industry related blogs
  2. Show work completed that attracted a lot of attention
  3. Have an extraordinary elevator speech

Taking steps to ensure that these things are met will not only help you stand out but will help you land those bigger projects and solidify the value your agency brings to the table. Having an ongoing blog that is related to the industry gives insight to the prospect about how knowledgeable and creative your agency is. Having your previous work available for others to see, gives an opportunity for you to stand out as your creative touch is shown to the prospect before they reach out to you.

More importantly, the elevator speech needs to be exceptional. As this gives a prospective client an overview of what your agency is and how you differentiate yourself from the other thousands of agencies that are around. I believe that making this speech with a little humor or wittiness to it will make the difference. After all, we are in the creative industry, thus being creative and standing apart from a typical elevator speech can help you stand out and attract everything from small accounts to large accounts. If you can make them smile or laugh, they tend to remember your agency name above the rest.

A smaller agency does have some advantages compared to a larger firm. A smaller agency tends to work on projects together, getting insight from the top executives down to the graphic designers. They tend to have a “family” culture that works together and ensures that all projects are done to the best of everyone’s abilities. They have a lot to lose if things go wrong, therefore you can rest assured that these agencies will go the extra mile to ensure that everything is to perfection.

I also recommend taking the lead on projects. Just because there is a large client requesting work to be done a certain way, does not mean that as a small agency you are not able to offer your ideas and suggestions on how to improve the work. Don’t be shy, speak your mind and let them see the creative genius in you flow out. Without your direction and expertise, the client will not get what they are looking for. So get out there and attract those clients – show your best work and why you deserve their business. If you don’t get out there and push for the best, you will never be the best.

This article was contributed by former Function Point employee Eric Ivker

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