Association Development Group | Task Management Software Spotlight 2

It’s no secret we love our clients, creating task management software for this creative bunch is what we love to do at Function Point. We’ve started a Spotlight Blog series to showcase them and their FP experience.

This is the second part of our interview with Megan, Project Coordinator at Association Development Group Inc, catch up with Part 1.

What makes your company stand out?

Our 20-year history of focusing solely on associations and non-profits has given us a full understanding of how these member-based organizations operate, and how they need to operate. We are fully versed in association work on all levels, and clients appreciate our in-house capability of providing for their event, design, and web-based communication needs.

What’s your company’s core philosophy?

We succeed when our clients do! That is the understanding all of our employees bring to their jobs every day. It is manifested in our daily work, our institutional knowledge of our clients, and our understanding of the professional trade/association/non-profit world.

Any FP fans in your office?

It’s definitely me! As the Production Coordinator, it helps to keep me organized and on task. When a client has a question about a job they did in the past, I can now easily look up information, such as print specs and vendor history.

What are your 3 favourite FP features?

1) Tasks! Using task management software, it’s easy to delegate jobs to one person or more people, be it for copywriting, marketing, or graphic design.

2) Staff Portal! This feature helps to reduce interruptions to both the Studio136 and association teams by providing an efficient method for collecting project details with easy-to-use project request forms and status updates.

3) Archiving! Having a history of internal and external expenses makes it easy to keep track of information for any related jobs and future reprints.

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