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We’re proud to be our clients’ project management advisors and advocates. To acknowledge their contributions to the creative industry, we’ve launched a Spotlight Blog series. We want to celebrate their successes and share their experience using Function Point’s task management software.

Meet Megan, a Project Coordinator at Association Development Group Inc (ADG).

Describe Association Development Group

ADG is an association management and communications firm. We provide the full range of daily operational and administrative services, event planning and management, and effective communications for professional trade associations and non-profit organizations. Our in-house divisions, ADG Events, and Studio136 provide event planning, design and communications to all of our managed associations, as well as various non-profit and small businesses.

What made you realize you needed a task management software?

As our company has grown, we realized paper tickets and filing cabinets were only going to get us so far! Function Point provides Association Development Group and Studio136 with a centralized system that tracks, organizes and archives important information. Looking up past job specs, vendor information and client history are easy because it is all contained within Function Point.

What has been your company’s greatest achievement?

Our greatest successes to date have been taking a professional trade organization from the verge of bankruptcy to financial stability; taking over an association’s communications and giving them a plan and direction to reach important external audiences as well as their internal audience (in addition to engineering an effective name-change); and helping a long-time client with its advocacy and marketing to become a significant part of economic growth in both its state and the communities in which it operates.

What has FP helped you achieve?

Organization is key to growing a successful business! The proper workflow between our Creative Department and Association Management team had been streamlined and simplified. It allowed our creative team to simply focus on the amazing design, web and communications work they do.

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With Function Point’s task management software, you’ll access a comprehensive solution that helps creative businesses streamline their processes, promote team collaboration, centralize information, and deliver real-time business data — helping them become more profitable and productive!

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