Agency Management Software Demo vs. Free Trial

Agency Management Software Demo vs. Free Trial

Unfortunately, no one is ever taught “How to Buy an Agency Management Software” in school. As a result, many people are of the mindset that a trial account is the ultimate way to find out if a product is the best fit. Why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free, right?

We see this a lot at Function Point — prospective customers want a trial account to evaluate, but miss out on the opportunity to connect with an account manager for a discovery call. Well, here’s what’s we’ve found after 18 years of business: trial accounts have limitations that prevent you from accomplishing your goals as a prospective customer.

First, Here’s What We Suggest:

Connect with one of our awesome account managers and we’ll guide you through the process. After the first exploratory demo, you’ll dive deeper into specific functionality while going over questions that arise as you learn more about the system (check out the smart way to buy agency management software).

These subsequent demos also allow us to see your agency’s workflows and ensure a good fit — and we’re seriously looking for a good fit. Our comprehensive training program comes with a customer success manager, and we don’t want to waste your time (or ours) on a poor match. Once you feel good about a potential future with Function Point, we set you up with your dedicated customer success manager and allow you to build your workflows and evaluate a system that was created around your agency. 

Need more convincing? Let us explain how we’ve come to the conclusion that trial accounts are not an effective way to buy an all-in-one productivity management software like Function Point.

We’re All In It For The Long Game

Function Point is a robust system with the ability to manage the entire operation of a creative agency — from tracking the prospecting activities of a sales team to invoicing and expense management. Because our agency management software is so comprehensive, it requires training to be used optimally.

Our signature training program was created specifically with your agency’s long-term success in mind. When we have occasionally set up a trial account for prospective customers, the results have almost always been the same: they log in and then decide that a couple of demos are actually the best way to evaluate the system.

We Know Your Agency is Unique

Every agency has a unique workflow, and there is no single way to use our agency management software. As a result, a trial account is an ineffective way of determining if your workflows will fit.

Function Point Account Managers are software experts who have the knowledge and experience to identify if the system will work for your agency. While demos may seem like a waste of time, they will ultimately help you, as a prospective customer, find the perfect system for your business that will provide the strongest ROI.

Our Guarantee to You

After numerous requests from prospective customers for a trial account, we decided there had to be a solution to this. We came up with something that will give you, even more, confidence than a trial account: Our 60-day money-back guarantee.

Our 60-day money-back guarantee period allows your agency to set up the system for your business, rehearse and perfect your workflows with your customer success manager, and then evaluate a system that is built for your business. If during this 60-day period, you determine Function Point is in fact not a good fit, then we will refund 100% of the money you’ve invested. That’s all the reward with no risk because at Function Point you’ll always be #1!

Chris Wilson

Founder & CEO

Chris started Function Point over 20 years ago in his basement as a way to help professional service agencies run their businesses more efficiently. Since then he’s grown FP into an international success, working with over 600 agencies from around the world and continues to run the company from the head office in Vancouver, Canada.

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