Ad Agency Software – The Value of Great Training

We have all done it.  Purchased a new tool and then procrastinated at really figuring it out.   It’s so human, we pick something up, commit to becoming an expert and then … something more important comes along that takes priority.

In our changing world filled with web based, or to use the more popular term, Cloud Computing, software offerings, it’s easy to find a plethora of software tools, with very few of them really being used extensively.

What is causing this?

Why are people buying all of these process specific tools, using them for a few weeks at low level and then continuing to pay for months and even years without really getting to know how they work?

Let’s deduce.  I buy a new software, I put my credit card number through, agree to terms and services and then immediately get logged in to start my experience.  The use cycle has begun without any consultation on my primary needs, what long term consequences are of how I configure the system or what other users are going to see/experience when they get involved.

Users are not getting good training in the use of software.  Getting appropriate exposure to the system features, defining process within a leadership group and sharing dialogue that truly adds value across the organization is key.  Particularly when dealing with project management tools directed at the very fast paced environment of a creative studio.

In an earlier blog (How to take full advantage of training at your creative agency)Amity Mitchell, our lead trainer at Function Point, talks about on-line training and how to get the most from this process.  My goal here is to take it one step further.  To discuss the benefits of having a professional facilitate the change associated with implementation of your unique project management workflow.

On site training can provide a number of very compelling benefits over the more common, web based training programs that are typically offered.  Three things come immediately to mind.

  1. Change Management: It shows commitment from the organization that they want staff to truly engage in the new process.  Managing change in a fast paced organization is an art.  With dedicated time to learn, adopt and become engaged with new concepts, routines and tools the propensity to embrace the change is multiplied and resistance is abated.
  2. Focus: Dedicated time with key decision makers will result in streamlining the company workflow and ensure that everyone is on the same page.  This will result in more efficient processes that are defined from constructive collaboration.  Your team stays focused on solving complex problems in a calm and collected environment.
  3. Maximize: Let’s face it…Time is paramount.  Doing a pinpoint deployment that is driven by process yet stays focused on the creative nature of your design firm is highly efficient.  This focus will result in the benefits of lower hassle, accurate real time information for key decision makers and reduced redundancy across the firm.

We have seen this over and over again.  Organizations that invest the time, energy and financial resources to provide a strong foundation in the launch of a new time sheet and project management tool consistently use more of the system, get up and running faster and ultimately create more profit.

If you want to drive a new agency management solution into your firm, consider the benefits of adding on-site training to your deployment plan.  Staying focused will maximize the benefit of the decision to change this very important company asset.

If you wish to discuss my experience in implementing hundreds of firms please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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