9 Ways a Creative Agency Traffic Management System Can Help Your Firm

To be profitable in the creative business, it is important for small to medium-sized creative, advertising and design agencies to acknowledge that their success relies on delivering concepts developed within their core competencies of creative work.

Ensuring that the agency is working on billable items as much as possible is key. The selection of the right business partners to assist with areas outside of their core competencies can become both a competitive advantage and profitable endeavour.

An effective implementation of a standardized traffic management system and process will enable the creative agency to save money by increasing resource efficiencies, which will help increase your focus on billable work.

To have a fast, smooth agency workflow, agencies need a specific system to:

  • Open jobs
  • Build creative briefs
  • Create estimates
  • Build timelines
  • Organize and task daily efforts
  • Post workers’ time to projects
  • Issue purchase orders to vendors
  • Record miscellaneous expenses
  • Create invoices

For more information on this, see secondwindonline.com

Relating these requirements to the selection of an online traffic management system for a small agency, it becomes apparent that there needs to be a strong relationship between the agency and the software provider.

At Function Point, we see ourselves as much more than just agency software providers, but as business partners. Our promise is to serve as both business consultants and IT experts for your creative firm.

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