6 Creative Agency Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

If popular storytelling podcasts are like a modern cross between campfire stories and ye olde radio shows, marketing, business and agency focused podcasts are the fireside chat of the digital era. Staying competitive in creative industries means always learning and looking for new ways to approach your work. Creative advertising podcasts are the perfect way to dim the open-office hum and absorb an extra dose of information and creativity from the brightest minds in the industry.

The beauty of the internet is having an almost unlimited access to information. The downside is, it’s difficult to know where to even begin. We’ve sourced some of the best podcasts for creative agencies, marketers and consultants to make getting off the ground easy for you. Grab some headphones and tune in.

Grow Your Creative Agency Skills With Podcasts

The Creative Agency Podcast

Best for: Anyone working at a creative agency.

This podcast is like an audio support group for creative agencies. Hosted by Chris Bolton, The Creative Agency Podcast focuses on finding work-life balance within marketing, design and web agencies. Through interviews with agency leaders, you’ll learn how agencies have found success and overcome the roadblocks along the way.

Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Best for: Graphic designers who are looking to dig deeper into how design affects the world.

Design Matters is one of the first design-focused podcasts  for creative agencies (it’s been around since 2009!), and it’s still a frontrunner for a reason. Host Debbie Millman focuses on the wide design world through thought-provoking conversations with designers, curators, musicians, artists, writers and creative thinkers. The best part—their longevity means there’s a massive back catalogue to peruse. If you’re overwhelmed with choice, Debbie lists her favourite episodes on the website.

Social Pros Podcast

Best for: Community managers, digital advertisers and anyone marketing on social.

Advanced enough for social media gurus but approachable enough for anyone familiar with the social media sphere, Social Pros is a must-listen podcast for people working in social media marketing. Hosts Jay Baer and Adam Brown interview social media strategists, talk industry trends, debunk social media myths and review case studies. Facebook recently reported that the average user spends 50 minutes per day on Facebook—if you’re within that range, you can certainly devote 30 minute per week to this must-listen podcast for creative agency owners.

Inbound Agency Journey

Best for: Inbound marketers, creative agency leaders and entrepreneurs.

Co-hosts Andrew Dymski and Gray MacKenzie are inbound marketing experts who interview agency owners to analyze the ins and outs of what’s working within the inbound marketing world. From practical skills like learning how to price your services to creating full inbound marketing campaigns, the Inbound Agency Journey podcast teaches creative agency owners all about the art of attracting customers organically.

The Accidental Creative

Best for: Anyone in a creative industry on days where you feel burnt out, unmotivated or underappreciated.

The mental labour involved in being creative every day is something people outside of creative industries don’t fully understand. The Accidental Creative podcast touches on subjects like inspiration, procrastination and career aspirations, with guests speaking on anything from mindfulness and mental health to leadership philosophies and business acumen. This advertising podcast is ideal listening any time you’re feeling stuck. One part creative and one part motivational speaker, host Todd Henry talks less about industry trends and how-tos, and more about practical life skills to keep you happy, healthy and motivated.

The Productivity Show

Best for: Project managers and the cats they’re trying to herd.

Besides having an unlimited supply of creative ideas, one of the best resources an agency can rely on is efficiency. Creatives are always looking for a better way of doing things—even if that thing is just finding a better way to be creative. The Productivity Show will appeal to your inner project manager; it’s crucial listening for anyone who could use a bit of help setting goals, organizing their to do lists and staying on top of ever-shifting priorities.

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